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Mac OSX Productivity Tips for Developers

Mac OSX Productivity Tips for Developers

These are the slides that accompany the Matthew McCullough and Tim Berglund video series produced in association with O'Reilly Media at http://shop.oreilly.com/product/110000007.do

The reference repository for this video series is at https://github.com/matthewmccullough/MacOSXProductivityTips/

Matthew McCullough

December 01, 2013

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  1. The Platform ✓POSIX compliant ✓Ruby, Bash, and Zsh scripts work

    out of the box ✓Application-imposed common shortcuts
  2. ╭─mccm06 at Detronia in ~/Downloads ╰─◦ echo "This is much

    more informative" ╭─mccm06 at Detronia in ~/GitHubProjects ╰─◦
  3. $ hub clone dotfiles Cloning into 'dotfiles'... remote: Counting objects:

    560, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (292/292), done. remote: Total 560 (delta 288), reused 517 (delta 256) Receiving objects: 100% (560/560), 214.32 KiB | 316 KiB/s, done. Resolving deltas: 100% (288/288), done.
  4. $ t update "At the @OReillyMedia studio in Sebastopol with

    the @tlberglund, ready to record some more videos with Kirk and crew." Tweet posted by @matthewmccull. Run `t delete status 369592150104633344` to delete.
  5. Zsh

  6. bind e:cmd;alt;ctrl;shift ${showHintsLeftHand} bind right:cmd;alt;ctrl;shift push right bar-resize:screenSizeX/2 bind left:cmd;alt;ctrl;shift

    push left bar-resize:screenSizeX/2 bind up:cmd;alt;ctrl;shift push up bar-resize:screenSizeY/2 bind down:cmd;alt;ctrl;shift push down bar-resize:screenSizeY/2
  7. bind g:cmd;alt;ctrl;shift move ${centered} bind o:cmd;alt;ctrl;shift move ${fullscreen} bind h:cmd;alt;ctrl;shift

    move ${leftHalf} bind j:cmd;alt;ctrl;shift move ${bottomHalf} bind k:cmd;alt;ctrl;shift move ${topHalf} bind l:cmd;alt;ctrl;shift move ${rightHalf} bind u:cmd;alt;ctrl;shift move ${topLeftQuarter} bind i:cmd;alt;ctrl;shift move ${topRightQuarter} bind n:cmd;alt;ctrl;shift move ${bottomLeftQuarter} bind m:cmd;alt;ctrl;shift move ${bottomRightQuarter}
  8. Credits ✓ "Keyboard" designed by Luboš Volkov, http://thenounproject.com/noun/keyboard/#icon-No20868 ✓ "Computer"

    designed by Edward Boatman, http://thenounproject.com/noun/computer/#icon-No115 ✓ "Code" designed by Dmitry Baranovskiy, http://thenounproject.com/noun/html-code/#icon-No4991 ✓ "Written Document" designed by Thomas Le Bas, http://thenounproject.com/noun/written-document/#icon-No6119 ✓ "Package" designed by Arthur Schmitt, http://thenounproject.com/noun/package/#icon-No18159 ✓ "Magnifying Glass" designed by Edward Boatman, http://thenounproject.com/noun/magnifying-glass/#icon-No95 ✓ "Checklist" designed by Michael Young, http://thenounproject.com/noun/checklist/#icon-No3559 ✓ "Eye" designed by Volodin Anton, http://thenounproject.com/noun/eye/#icon-No17181 ✓ "Cloud" designed by Dmitry Baranovskiy, http://thenounproject.com/noun/cloud/#icon-No9758 ✓ "HTML Code" designed by WebPlatform.org, http://thenounproject.com/noun/html-code/#icon-No13024 ✓ "Clipboard" by Seth Taylor, http://thenounproject.com/noun/clipboard/#icon-No1712 ✓ "Console" designed by Austin Andrews, http://thenounproject.com/noun/console/#icon-No8571 ✓ "Exit Full Screen" designed by Olyn LeRoy, http://thenounproject.com/noun/exit-full-screen/#icon-No4780 ✓ "Apple Core" designed by Richard Zeid, http://thenounproject.com/noun/apple-core/#icon-No9817 ✓ "Robot" designed by Kenneth Appiah, http://thenounproject.com/noun/robot/#icon-No1616 ✓ "Rocket" designed by Jean-Philippe Cabaroc, http://thenounproject.com/noun/rocket/#icon-No7427 ✓ "Compass" designed by Márcio Duarte, http://thenounproject.com/noun/compass/#icon-No7175 ✓ "Light Switch" designed by Alexandria Eddings, http://thenounproject.com/noun/light-switch/#icon-No18388 ✓ "Linked Files" designed by Iconoci, http://thenounproject.com/noun/linked-files/#icon-No10081 ✓ "Hidden" designed by Rémy Médard, http://thenounproject.com/noun/hidden/#icon-No21609 ✓ "Folder" designed by Cris Dobbins, http://thenounproject.com/noun/folder/#icon-No8928 ✓ "Map Marker" designed by Edward Boatman, http://thenounproject.com/noun/map-marker/#icon-No462 ✓ "Box Trolley" designed by Michael Zenaty, http://thenounproject.com/noun/box-trolley/#icon-No21806 ✓ "Coordination" designed by OCHA AVMU, http://thenounproject.com/noun/coordination/#icon-No4222