More Than Usable

B852b104baed98f4b7f02f5a7a75ab6b?s=47 Matthew Reidsma
December 06, 2018

More Than Usable

As Experience designers, we're interested in more than just products, services, and websites. But our toolkit looks remarkably like the toolkit product designers use: design for tasks, hope emotions will follow. But experience is big, and emotions aren't just the outputs from using something. We're going to need more than science to explain experience--we'll need philosophy, literature, poetry, and more.

In this talk, I explore how phenomenology (the branch of philosophy that deals with experience), metaphor, and frozen space urine can help us design better experiences for our library users by putting people and experiences first.

(This talk was the opening keynote at MD Tech Connect at the Universities at Shady Grove, Rockland, MD on December 6, 2018.)


Matthew Reidsma

December 06, 2018