What's a pragmatic activist to do? Help CHNGE!

What's a pragmatic activist to do? Help CHNGE!

Presented during the Digital-Born Media Carnival 2017, by the SHARE Defense League.

A mnemonic for what I believe is the most e cient behaviour when you’re outside of an organisation you want to convince to be more open. First of all, assess where it is in the openness adoption curve. Then, help them CHNGE:
- Cheer innovators. Congratulate them, put their successes forward.
- Help early adopters. Give them gentle feedback, celebrate their successes, help them turn potential failures into successes and energise the people who go the right way. - Nurture the early majority. Prove to them that opening up means benefits. Participate in their hackathons, provide consultancy if you can.
- Guide the late majority. Apply gentle pressure if needed to get started (and whenever needed), but make sure you truly understand their constraints. Demonstrate the
di erence between beliefs and actual issues, and o er solutions for the latter.
- Enforce regulation on laggards. Don’t discuss openness on ethical grounds. Accept that you will not be able to convince such actors up front, no matter how well you explain. They might change their minds after the fact, but you will be most effective by focusing on having power on your side, and then using it.


Matti Schneider

July 16, 2017