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Embrace ______________ to stay competitive

Embrace ______________ to stay competitive

Presentation at Innovation Drift in Vilnius, Lithuania


Marcus Castenfors

October 12, 2017

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  1. Embrace ________ to stay competitive MARCUS CASTENFORS @MCASTENFORS

  2. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS How long did it take Oculus Rift

    to receive a market valuation of $1 billion?
  3. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Average company lifespan on S&P 500 index

    1958: 61 years 2012: 18 years
  4. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS It’s harder than ever to stay competitive

  5. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Strategic/disruptive IT (e.g. cybersecurity) Competition US compliance/regulatory

    Operational Financial Talent acquisition Reputational Product/service quality Foreign compliance/regulatory Supply chain International tax structuring Third party Social and environmental Fraud Which of the following risks pose the greatest oversight challenges to your board? Base: 795 Source: PwC 2016 Annual Corporate Directors Survey, October 2016 57% 51% 44% 39% 34% 34% 24% 20% 14% 13% 11% 9% 6% 6% 72%
  6. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS How engaged are you at work?

  7. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Source: Gallup State of the Global Workplace

    report 63% 13% 24% Not engaged Engaged Actively disengaged
  8. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS We are unhappy, scared and slow


  10. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Empathy /ˈɛmpəθi/ the ability to understand and

    share the feelings of another.
  11. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Empathy to understand your customers Empathy to

    successfully collaborate with your colleagues
  12. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS This will transform everything

  13. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS PRINCIPLES Define outcomes Connect around the end-to-end

    experience 1 2 Optimize for uncertainty 3
  14. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Define outcomes 14 1

  15. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS “People don't want to buy a quarter-inch

    drill, they want a quarter-inch hole” B Y T H E O D O R E L E V I T T
  16. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS As customers we want outcomes As businesses

    we want outcomes
  17. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS “What gets measured gets done” B Y

    T O M P E T E R S
  18. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Orders delivered, not shipped A M A

    Z O N
  19. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Vast selection Low prices Fast delivery A

    M A Z O N
  20. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS "We always start with the customers and

    look at all the metrics that matter for the customer.” B Y D I E G O P I A C E N T I N I , S V P I N T E R N A T I O N A L R E T A I L A M A Z O N
  21. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS What outcomes do your customers want?


  23. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Connect around the end-to-end experience 23 2

  24. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS An outcome is a journey

  25. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS What does a journey look like when

    you get a mortgage?
  26. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Now, think about the different parts of

    an organization that would be involved in making that happen?
  27. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Outcome Marketing IT Operations Customer service Clerk

    Visits the branch Goes to website Sets up an account Wants to borrow more F R O N T S T A G E B A C K S T A G E

  29. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Product Owner Business Architect Ops CX design

    lead Compliance Branch Digital technologist Legal Telephony center = cross-functional team

  31. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Optimize for uncertainty 31 3

  32. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Telephone: 89 years to reach 150 million

    Android: 5 years to reach 1 billion A M O U N T O F U S E R S
  33. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS We still have the same organizational structure

  34. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS It’s time for a change

  35. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Hierarchy Controlled Risk averse T R A

    D I T I O N A L Autonomous Focused on outcomes Risk taking N E W
  36. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Optimize for certainty T R A D

    I T I O N A L Optimize for uncertainty N E W
  37. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Make a decision Measure 15 weeks 5

    days Make a decision Measure T R A D I T I O N A L N E W
  38. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Agile Lean Startup Theory of Constraints


  40. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Define outcomes Connect around the end-to-end experience

    1 2 Optimize for uncertainty 3
  41. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS You will foster empathy and stay competitive

  42. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Thank you @mcastenfors

  43. SAPIENTRAZORFISH | @MCASTENFORS Credits Thanks a lot to Mike Arauz

    for the inspiration https://goo.gl/Ti6pSg
  44. None