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Innovation at Nordnet

Abe71e4908b9dccc1abcfd71bc4e1db0?s=47 Marcus Castenfors
December 17, 2015

Innovation at Nordnet

Presented at the #XDSTHLM meetup on December 16, 2015


Marcus Castenfors

December 17, 2015

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  1. HELLO! I’m Marcus Castenfors Head of Product Design at Nordnet

  2. What’s Nordnet?

  3. 1996

  4. We wanted to change the game

  5. active customers 462,500 About Nordnet We are a bank for

    investments and savings. We have operations in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. Our vision is to become the no. 1 choice for savings and investments in the Nordics.
  6. …but, that’s not what I’m here to talk about

  7. : a new idea, device, or method : the act

    or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods Innovation Merriam-Webster
  8. = idea process + innovation?

  9. at Nordnet, we believe…

  10. solving problems happiness + = innovation

  11. PROBLEMS Let’s talk about…

  12. None
  13. None
  14. Source: Wikipedia

  15. Let’s go back 5 years ago

  16. None
  17. Poor photo quality Slow speed No distribution

  18. The way we set ourselves apart from the crowd was

    focusing on problems. “ Kevin Systrom Source: How Instragram made it big
  19. It’s the same today as it was before

  20. People, particularly students and young people, wanted to pass notes

    and messages, without fear of other people seeing them... People still want this so today they use Snapchat People still want this so today they use Dropbox People still want this so today they use Facebook Before Now People wanted to store photos in a safe place, like the shoe box under the spare bed... People wanted to put their favorite photos in a prominent place, like their mantelpiece, so everyone could see them... Source: Intercom on Product Management
  21. And, solving problems is about…

  22. Source: Understanding the job

  23. Clayton Christensen What job causes you to hire a milkshake?

  24. Jobs

  25. Jobs to be done

  26. Our customers hire us for a job

  27. Our customers hire us to be educated

  28. Our customers hire us to trade

  29. Technology enables

  30. Job stories

  31. When _____ , I want to _____ , so I

  32. When I review a particular stock, I want to be

    able to get notified when a large order has been made so I can decide if I should buy or sell that particular stock
  33. Jobs To Be Done interviews

  34. • When did you purchase the product? • Where were

    you? • How did you purchase the product? Point of Purchase ! Credits: David Wu, Jobs To Be Done Interview Script The first thought " • When did you first start looking for something to solve your problem • What triggered you to think about this? Building the consideration set ? • Tell me about how you looked for a product to solve your problem. • What kind of solutions did you try? Or not try? Why or why not?
  35. HABIT of the present & ANXIETY of the new solution

    First thought Event #1 Event #2 Purchase ! moving the customer forward. PUSH of the present solution & PULL of the new idea FORCES OF PROGRESS FORCES OF RESISTANCE Credits: Andrej Balaz, Jobs To Be Done Interview Script
  36. HAPPINESS Let’s talk about…

  37. = happy employees happy customers

  38. What does happiness mean in the workplace?

  39. Less bumps in the road Feel ownership in what you

    do Working in the same direction Continuously learning and evolving
  40. +37% Source: Warwick University

  41. = happy employees speed

  42. Learn Build Measure Data Product Ideas

  43. How do you instill happiness?

  44. Trust 1 Alignment 2 Rhythm 3

  45. Trust 1

  46. Command & Control

  47. Autonomous teams Command & Control

  48. You can make whatever decisions you want, as long as

    they relate to the goal.
  49. Company wide goals Group goals Team goals Team goals Team

    goals Team goals Team goals Group goals
  50. Alignment 2

  51. None
  52. Design is a team sport !

  53. Design Sprint

  54. Monday Unpack What are the user needs, business needs and

    technology capabilities? Tuesday Sketch How might we explore as many ideas as possible? Wednesday Decide Select the best ideas so far Thursday Prototype Create an prototype that allows to test the ideas with users. Friday Test Test the ideas with users, business stakeholders and technical experts. Learn and evolve the process.
  55. None
  56. None
  57. It’s about the right team !

  58. Primary Supporting Extended Expert Product Designer Product Owner Front-end Engineer

    Design Researcher Sprint Master Analytics Specialist Scrum master Tech Lead Requirements analyst CTO 100% 50% 20% 5% Effort Quality Assurance Customer Service agent Legal & Operations Country market expert Team ! ! ☼ ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  59. Rhythm 3

  60. What is the enemy of meaningful work?


  62. Theory of Constraints

  63. None
  64. Purchasing Stitching Shipping ! !

  65. Trust 1 Alignment 2 Rhythm 3

  66. But, how can I measure happiness?

  67. Happiness metric

  68. How happy are you with your current job? How happy

    are you with Nordnet? How could we improve your happiness? ? ? ?
  69. The happiness backlog

  70. = solving problems happiness + innovation

  71. Thank you! @mcastenfors

  72. #slowtofast

  73. None