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HashiCorp's First "All Hands"

HashiCorp's First "All Hands"

This was the first ever "All Hands" presentation done at HashiCorp. HashiCorp was incorporated November 2013 so the company was about 3 months old at the time. We had just hired our first employee and this "all hands" was given to 3 people!

I've uploaded the deck as-is. Please keep in mind that the 3 of us were barely older than teenagers at the time and parts of this deck reflect that. 😄

This presentation was given on Feb 7, 2014. The date of public upload is Feb 2020.

Mitchell Hashimoto

February 07, 2014

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  1. Microsoft THIS WEEK $9,073 98 Orders • OpenTech blog post

    prior to public code merge • Trying to make it sound like a “partnership” as much as possible • Legal nightmares • They want to put a Microsoft Copyright header on all Hyper-V files. • No. • Running MIT license through legal • All on schedule… so far.
  2. Salesforce THIS WEEK $9,073 98 Orders • Another 33 license

    = $2,607 • Didn’t pay us the first time = ~$3,500 • No timeline, still talking. Hopefully be end of the month (Feb)
  3. Belgium THIS WEEK $9,073 98 Orders • FOSDEM / Cfgmgmtcamp

    • Vagrant share, box versioning, box hosting all got thumbs up • Ops people want box hosting, dev/consultants want vagrant share. No surprise? • Tested the water with really early Terraform ideas. Should talk about it. Learned a lot.
  4. “Connect VM” • Based on Tiny Core Linux (9 MB)

    • Iptables + redsocks + libevent + OpenSSH • Final size: 13 MB ISO • Repo: hashicorp/vagrant-share/proxy-vm • Packer templates to build VirtualBox and Vmware boxes
  5. Vagrant Marketing • Weekly (Wednesday) blog posts on Vagrant blog

    • Topics: • Rsync synced folders • Box versioning • Password SSH – allows regular VMs • Vagrant Share • Hyper-V
  6. Travel • LA next week (all week) • Germany (Hamburg)

    following week. Will discuss at next weekly update.