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People Over Process: Turning Assumptions into shared understanding

Michael Jovel
November 20, 2014

People Over Process: Turning Assumptions into shared understanding

Every project is based on a number of assumptions. Assumptions about our users and assumptions that our team has a shared vision of what we are building and why we are building it. The longer we hold onto these assumptions, the greater we increase the risk of not meeting our users needs and ultimately, our project fails.

This talk will be about how we ensure we are meeting our users needs. In addition to learning project workflow, we will cover specific techniques that you can use to ensure that the user is at the center of our design and that you create a shared understanding among your team.

Michael Jovel

November 20, 2014

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  1. Thank you for helping refresh the Baltimore tech community since

    January 2013!
  2. None
  3. None

  5. None
  6. None
  7. None
  8. None
  9. None
  10. AFPIMS American Forces Public Information Management System

  11. 3 Years + $$$ = ???

  12. None
  13. 2008 2010

  14. None
  15. None
  16. Waterfall Document Design Develop Test Launch

  17. Exhaustive Specifications

  18. History of the World Part I

  19. None
  20. That Is Not What They Wanted

  21. Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the

    mouth. Iron Mike Tyson
  22. None
  23. http://visual.ly/lean-startup

  24. MVP Minimum Viable Product

  25. The version of a product that brings the maximum amount

    of validated learning about customers with the least effort. MVP
  26. MVP Minimum Valuable Product

  27. M P Minimum Lovable Product

  28. LDP Least Dreadful Product


  30. Where Do We Start?

  31. Focus On The Problem

  32. The Answer Is Yes. Now What Is The Question?

  33. “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want

    a quarter-inch hole.” - Theodore Levitt
  34. Create A Sign-Up Form Instead of: Outcome Increase User Subscriptions

  35. Redesign Report A Problem Page Instead of: Outcome Reduce the

    amount of time it takes for a user to report an adverse event with medical products
  36. Hypothesis

  37. A Tentative Assumption Made In Order To Draw Out And

    Test Its Logical Or Empirical Consequences merriam-webster
  38. Why Hypothesis • Rather than make assertions it puts forth

    a question which must be validated • Engages Team Creativity
  39. Risk • What assumptions do you have that if proven

    false will cause your solution to fail?
  40. Basic Hypothesis We Believe ___________ and if this is true

    we should see __________
  41. Prioritize

  42. Get Out Of The  Building

  43. None
  44. Low Inventory

  45. http://www.carolinabarcode.com/choosing-barcode-inventory-software-a-45.html

  46. Design Idea Inventory • high number of unvalidated design ideas

    leads to large deliverables • leads to lag in production as team awaits deliverables • maximizes the risk as there more time between creation and validation
  47. Pattern Libraries

  48. Pattern Library • Library of UI Patterns that developers can

    use (i.e. buttons, fields, etc. • Library of UI Components composed of multiple patterns (i.e. forms, video player, etc.)
  49. http://patternry.com/ http://rizzo.lonelyplanet.com/styleguide/

  50. Focus On Experience Instead Of Just UI

  51. Helps Developers When Prototyping

  52. http://styletil.es/

  53. http://danielmall.com/articles/rif-element-collages/

  54. Design Studio

  55. http://designforamericayale.wordpress.com/

  56. Supplies • Butcher paper, painters tape, sharpies and stop watch,

    grid template sheets • Build small 3-4 person teams composed of designer, developers and business team. • Give each team a persona to focus on
  57. http://500px.com/Twitter

  58. Sketch • 8-10 minutes to sketch individually • Could be

    flow diagrams, wireframes, etc.
  59. Individual Pitch • 3 minutes to pitch team

  60. Critique • Each member lists 1 or 2 ways in

    which sketch achieves goal • Each member Lists 1 or 2 ways in which sketch fails to achieve goal
  61. Team Sketching • Team takes 10 minutes to iterate on

    best aspecs of Sketch
  62. Team Pitch • Team selects one member to pitch teams

    solution to larger team
  63. http://500px.com/Twitter

  64. That Is Great But We Are A Distributed Team

  65. None
  66. http://popapp.in

  67. http://www.fiftythree.com/paper

  68. Ux Is Not A Department, Agency Or Team Role

  69. Raise Unicorns

  70. None
  71. Unicorn? Mythical user experience designer with an advanced and adaptive

    skill range. Outstanding skills in graphic design, rapid prototyping, front end development, user testing, technical specifications, marketing and branding. It does not have an opinion, it has a process, and will harmonize with any environment.
  72. Promote Code Literacy

  73. Literacy Is Not Fluency

  74. Promote Design Literacy

  75. The days of designers simply pushing pixels are long gone.

    Leading design means building a design culture, designing for the future, and adapting constantly.
  76. Designers need to help build a company culture that values

    design by not only producing a well designed product but by helping other team members understand and respect design.
  77. –Stewart Scott-Curran, Creative Mornings “The designers that actively seek out

    opportunities to contribute and influence other areas of the company become the leaders regardless of title. They are the people that others look to when problems arise or if an expert opinion is required”
  78. Promote Business Literacy

  79. Designers need to get better at articulating their ideas through

    direct business communication. We need to show that our thinking is grounded in logic and produces results.
  80. Learn to quickly absorb and synthesize feedback should push us

    to take action. We need to learn to fail fast and make adjustments
  81. Pair Designing

  82. Benefits Of Pair Design • Make sure designers and developers

    spend time working together • saves time on implementation • promotes ownership
  83. http://500px.com/Twitter

  84. None
  85. Validation • send multi-disciplined team to meet with customer •

    take a copy of the MVP to visit customers • have one members lead the interview while the others observe and record
  86. Where Lean UX Has Struggled

  87. The Traditional Agency/ Consultancy Model Won’t Survive

  88. Great products require investment across many different parts of a

    business, so we put a bigger effort on collaborating with our customers.
  89. It doesn't change the organizational dynamics or shift the way

    people think about building great products.
  90. Death To Agencies/ Consultants?

  91. Invest clients into the work and focus on smaller deliverables

    to create momentum. Dedicate a small group across the entire product development cycle, thus providing value beyond just wireframe flows.
  92. WORKFLOW UX Design Development

  93. WORKFLOW UX Design Development

  94. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/07/23/sports/olympics/the-fastest-baton-to-the-finish-line.html?_r=0

  95. EXCHANGE AREA UX Design Development

  96. TAPERING UX Design Development

  97. DIVERGENCE UX Design Development concept by Daniel Mall


  99. Don’t Get Caught Up On Process

  100. “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get

    permission” - U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Grace Hopper
  101. None