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Innovation Design /beta1

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December 01, 2017

Innovation Design /beta1

Was sind die Bedingungen für innovative Teams? Session zum BarCamp Zusammenarbeit der Kreativgesellschaft Hamburg am 1..12.2017 >> https://mprove.de/script/17/kreativgesellschaft/index.html



December 01, 2017


  1. Innovation Design Matthias Müller-Prove // mprove.de Barcamp Zusammenarbeit, Kreativgesellschaft Hamburg

    1.12.2017 beta 1 cc by mprove http://photo.mprove.net/gallery/12/reiherstieg.html?i=2
  2. None
  3. » –Kai Krause Inno-wä?-schon

  4. Gartner Hype Curve

  5. Gartner Hype Curve 2015 VR Gesten-Steuerung AR Smart Home IoT

    Natürliche Sprache Maschinelles Lernen Big Data AutoAutos Brain-Computer
 Interface Wearables
  6. Gartner Hype Curve Tal der Ernüchterung Plateau der Produktivität Gipfel

    der übersteigerten Erwartungen
  7. Zweifel Produkt Vision Strategie

  8. Long Nose of Innovation
 Bill Buxton 2008 http://www.billbuxton.com/01%20The%20Long%20Nose%20of%20Innovation%20Revised.pdf

  9. Head Mounted Display – Ivan Sutherland et al., 1966 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtwZXGprxag

  10. Mark Z. @ Samsung World Congress 2016 https://infinityleap.com/facebook-looking-forward-to-better-interactions-in-virtual-reality/

  11. ➼ 50 Jahre ➠ Head Mounted Display
 Sutherland/Sproul Magic Leap

 Oculus Rift
  12. Innovation Research & Invention Long Nose of Innovation Product Prototype

  13. Long Nose of Innovation Gartner Hype Curve Innovation Research &

    Invention Product Prototype
  14. The world is so damn complex.[…] If mankind can get

    more capable in dealing with complex urgent problems collectively, that would be a perfect professional goal. – Doug Engelbart, 2000 http://www.invisiblerevolution.net/engelbart/glossary/index.html http://www.invisiblerevolution.net/engelbart/glossary/index.html
  15. NLS/Augment – Douglas Engelbart et al.1968 http://mprove.de/diplom/text/2.1.3_nlsaugment.html

  16. The Demo The ARC of ARC Bill Paxton at NLS

    Yoga Workstation, SRI-ARC early 1970s
  17. Alohanet by Norm Abramson 1970s

  18. Time Sharing by John McCarthy 1960s Whit Diffey - The

    Rise of eCommerce
  19. Computer Lib / Dream Machines, Ted Nelson, 1974 Photo von

    Ted Nelson aus Stephen Segaller: Nerds 2.0.1
  20. Sir Tim Berners-Lee http://flickr.com/photos/f7oor/405046410/

  21. WorldWideWeb by Tim Berners-Lee & Robert Cailliau, CERN 1990 https://mprove.de/diplom/text/2.1.14_www.html

  22. Ubiquitous Computing
 Mark Weiser et al., PARC 1991

  23. None
  24. » –Ivan Sutherland
 Research and Fun: mprove.de/script/05/sutherland/ Research is like

    growing carrots. And the way you manage that is you pull them out every week and look at how they hang and put them back in the ground.
 …you are not likely to get much. via http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20120622005195/en/American-Computer-Scientist-U.S.-Based-Indian-Literary-Critic The carrot theory of research management:
 feel free to follow @mprove @uxhh @raumschifferde Matthias Müller-Prove

    // mprove.de Barcamp Zusammenarbeit, Kreativgesellschaft Hamburg 1.12.2017 thx cc by mprove http://photo.mprove.net/gallery/12/reiherstieg.html?i=2