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If THIS Then Deploy: A look into IFTTT's Infrastructure

If THIS Then Deploy: A look into IFTTT's Infrastructure

Ivayr Farah Netto

September 19, 2015

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  1. Background Millions of Background Jobs every day Over a Billion

    Events every day 215 (and growing) partner integrations 5 / 33
  2. It works amazing until you have to deploy it to

    a couple of hundred machines 13 / 33
  3. Personal opinion on Chef I have a really hard time

    figuring out where files should live. 16 / 33
  4. That's probably true But we're a startup. We have limited

    resources and need to move fast. 18 / 33
  5. A Case for Micro Services Teams are growing fast The

    product and userbase are growing even faster Old code lurking around from years ago 21 / 33
  6. And turn them into Micro Services Many different languages and

    datastores. Most of them deployed to Heroku. 23 / 33
  7. We can now tweak our services and have more control

    over our deployment process 30 / 33
  8. The Future Everything is a Container Images are built automatically

    New Services are just a new Docker image dropped onto Mesos 32 / 33