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Location-Based Navigation: QRCode Positioning and Navigation Integration

Location-Based Navigation: QRCode Positioning and Navigation Integration

Rex Cammack and Paul Hunt
University of Nebraska Omaha


Nathaniel V. KELSO

October 15, 2015

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  1. Loca%on-­‐Based  Naviga%on:    QRCode   Posi%oning  and  Naviga%on   Integra%on

        Rex  Cammack  and  Paul  Hunt   University  of  Nebraska  Omaha  
  2. None
  3. Path   •  Why  QRcodes   •  Rendering  QRCodes  

    •  Reading  QRCodes   •  Naviga%on  System  Integra%on   •  Current  State   •  Future  Deployment  
  4. Why  QRcodes   •  Flexibility     •  Ease  of

     Construc%on     •  Scalability     •  Data  types   •  Low  Cost   •  Thema%c     •  Accepted     •  Technology  Integra%on  
  5. Rendering  QRCodes   •  Online  –  services     – Free

      – Pay   •  Types  of  code  make  a  different   –  Color   –  Themes   •  Coding   – Many  Libraries  in  many  Languages    
  6. Reading  QRCodes   •  Camera  base   –  Web  Apps

     –  Mobile  Phone,  Web  Cam    or  Scanner   –  Data  types    (hSp://goqr.me/)   •  URL   •  Text     •  Vcard   •  SMS   •  Call   •  Geolocate     •  Event     •  Email     •  Wifi   •  Really  any  type  of  text  based  data  you  want    
  7. Reading  QRCodes   •  To  read  the  Graphic   – A

     Program  will  use  a  camera/scanner   – The  program  processes  the  data   •  Passes  the  data  through  an  open  access  image   interpreter   –  Local  or  outside       •  Uses  it   •  Passes  the  data  on  to  another  program  
  8. Naviga%on  System  Integra%on   •  The  main  goal  for  this

     research  and   development  is  to  create  a  low  cost  solu%on   to  posi%ons  inside  of  building  for  route   naviga%on   •  Class  Research  Project   – Five  Students   •  Sarah  Polachek,  Chris%na  Lee,  Laura  PickeS,  Travis   Husman,  Stephen  Krupa  
  9. Naviga%on  System  Integra%on   •  System  -­‐    a  PC

     virtual  machine  lab  where   students  have  a  computer  that  is  Virtualized   with  their  own  web  server  and  ArcGIS  servers   so^ware  configura%on.     •  ArcSDE  to  connect  to  a  Enterprise  database    
  10. Naviga%on  System  Integra%on   •  Build  Mapping  Services    

    – WMS  WMTS  Cached    WFS  and  others   •  Web  Applica%on  development     – JavaScript  based  Dojo,  ArcGIS  API  for  Javascript   and  others   – Aptana,  WebStorm,  and  NotePad++   •  ArcGIS  Server  is  installed  and  connected  to  IIS    
  11. Naviga%on  System  Integra%on   •  System  Development   •  Service

     Design   •  Service  Choices   •  Web  applica%on  Development     •  App  Development  
  12. Current  State   – Students  have  design  abstract  campus  base  map

     -­‐   WMTS   – Created  content  layers    -­‐  WMS     •  They  are  also  looking  at  reflec%ve  Map  Design     – Web  Development     – A  Big  Issue  is  figuring  out  all  the  Client  and  Server   side  func%ons  of  the  project     – Tested  QRcode  reader  for  JavaScript:   – Students  will  begin  crea%ng  encoded  QRcodes  for   feature  .      
  13. Future  Deployment   – Comple%ng  Web  App  and  Services    for

     Project   – Deploying  Web  App  for  Mobile  Phones     – Conver%ng  WEB  App  to  App  for  Mobile  Phones      
  14. Thank  you  for  your  %me    

  15. Map  Year   hSp://mapyear.org/   ICA  -­‐Commission  on  Maps  and

     Internet   We  will  help        
  16. None