Gaps in the Clouds by Robert Fritz

Gaps in the Clouds by Robert Fritz

OWASP Montreal - June 18th - Gaps in the Clouds


ABSTRACT: Cloud technology offers agility and scaling, and a chance to break away from legacy IT choices. Unfortunately, skipping traditional IT activities often results in poorly patched systems, out of date firewalls, and overprovisioned entitlements wielded by admins whose “day job” is development. Boundaries of accountability and responsibility amongst cloud providers and consumers are confusing, vague, and shift, making security difficult to manage. In such an environment, a “BP-spill” event, where cost wins over safely safety, is likely. This talk will dive down into the cracks between the layers of cloud, and share some of the exciting dirt we have seen and expect to see in coming years.”
BIO: Robert Fritz has been practicing security his entire career. Rob started as an Air Force lieutenant at Langley AFB and later at the Pentagon in Washington DC, building and managing classified networks. Finding he was getting too far from technology after a brief stint flying, he left the military to get back to the tech, and built security tools for HP in their HP-Unix lab. Over time he found himself in more and more security design discussions, so co-authored HP’s Commercial Application Threat Analysis Methodology, building an internal consulting practice at HP. This quantitative approach, led to two pending patents, an external-facing consulting practice, and his contributions to NIST IR-7502, the Common Configuration Scoring System (CVSS follow-on). He is the former lead editor for the Center for Internet Security’s HP-UX Benchmark, and current lead for the Android Benchmark. Robert now works for Morgan Stanley as global head of the Strategic Consulting team in the Security Architecture group, and leads the team’s cloud and social-media security practices.
WHEN: June 18th 2014
WHERE: 700 Rue Wellington, Floor 2, Montreal, QC H3C 3S4
EVENT SPONSOR: Morgan Stanley
18:00-18:30 Networking and Morgan Stanley Hosted Pizza and Soft Drinks
18:30-18:45 OWASP Chapter & Morgan Stanley Welcome
18:45-19:45 Main presentation - "Gaps in the Clouds" Robert Fritz
19:45-20:00 Open discussion and questions
20:00-... Optional, informal networking at Aziatic - 626 rue Marguerite-d'Youville, Montréal, QC H3C 1W7


OWASP Montréal

June 18, 2014