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Let your people be people

Let your people be people


Product Marketing Alliance

December 02, 2020


  1. Let Your People Be People How to use Storytelling to

    Appeal to Prospects, Connect with Customers, and Take Your Product Marketing Team to the Next Level Anna Schena Walsh Director of Growth Marketing at Narrative Science
  2. 2 A bit about Narrative Science… and our obsession with

  3. There is nothing more human than storytelling.

  4. 4 Raise your hand if… you are responsible for your

    company’s ‘messaging’
  5. 5 Keep your hand raised if... you’ve created a messaging

  6. 6 Keep your hand raised if... the messaging framework completely

  7. 7 That is the world we were living in. We

    were doing what all good product marketers do.
  8. 8 To find out if we were good storytellers, we

    looked to the best.
  9. 9 But 22 criteria was too difficult to scale

  10. 10 Luckily, we found an easier framework The ‘Hook’ Describe

    the Old World Paint the New World Call to Action
  11. 11 Top Five Lessons Learned on our Journey to Becoming

    a Storytelling Company
  12. 12 Lesson 1: Authentic stories start with people, not products.

  13. 13 Lesson 2: You have to prioritize storytelling.

  14. 14 Lesson 3: Get buy in.

  15. 15 Lesson 4: Good storytelling takes time. A lot of

  16. 16 Lesson 5: Don’t be afraid of your own voice.

  17. 17 WHAT WORKED 1. User stories 2. Role playing &

    pitch practice 3. Getting uncomfortable WHAT DIDN’T 1. Messaging Docs 2. Powerpoint pitch decks 3. Playing it safe
  18. Becoming a good storyteller is a journey.

  19. Call to Action Write out your company story this week.

    Take half hour and just write it. Compare it to your current messaging, and see what you think.
  20. in/annaschena @narrativescience aschena@narrativescience.com Let us know how it goes!