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RenderPool Radeon ProRender Usage Manual

RenderPool Radeon ProRender Usage Manual

RenderPool Radeon ProRender Usage Manual



May 16, 2022

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  1. Render Pool Manual Renderpool For Prorender

  2. • Render Pool / Home 3 • Render Pool Workflow

    4 • Others 12 2 目次
  3. Render Pool / Home Switch to English: Switch language from

    English or Japanese Render Pool is Cloud Rendering Service That allows you to render exported RPR files 3
  4. Render Pool Workflow 4

  5. Render Pool / Workflow Uploadのページで出力したいデータをアップロードします。 ①BROWSE FILES Opens an explorer

    where you can select a zip file to upload. You can also drag and drop the zip file into this zone. ②UPLOAD FILE The zip selected in BROWSE FILE will start uploading ③ The file selected in ① will be added to this zone. ④ After the upload is complete, click START RENDER to go to the Create Queue page. ① ② ③ ④ 5
  6. Render Pool / Workflow RESET SETTINGS: Resets the changed settings.

    REFLECT PREVIOUS SETTINGS: Reflects the settings of one previous job. RENDERER TYPE: ProRender1,ProRender2を選択可能 USING GPUs: The number of GPUs to be used by one server RESOLUTION: Resolution to be output. The default value reflects the setting on Maya. ITERATIONS / SAMPLING: Sampling Value. As a default value, in Maya's Render Setting > Sampling tab. Max Samples" in Maya's Render Settings > Sampling tab FILE FORMAT: Output format GAMMA: Gamma value setting RENDERING TARGET FRAME START FRAME VALUE : Specifies the beginning of the frame range to be output END FRAME VALUE: Specifies the end of the frame range to output. ⑤ Set various parameters. If rendering 200~300frames 200f START FRAME VALUE: 1 300f END FRAME VALUE:101 Example) 6
  7. Render Pool / Workflow Example) Resolution pixel:1000×1000px Changing the resolution

    on the Render Pool will result in the same resolution ratio. Changing the resolution ratio on the Render Pool does not change the output range of the image material itself, but the aspect ratio. 7
  8. Render Pool / Workflow AOV’S: Specify AOV to output The

    default value reflects the setting on the DCG. ※ AOV Cryptomatte is displayed by setting File FORMAT to "Multi Layer EXR". DYNAMIC GPU DEPLOYMENT: You can change the number of frames that can be rendered at one time: Standard can render about 100 frames at a time, and Rush can render about 300 frames at a time. TOON TRACE: This function provides rendered output of line drawings. AOV's and color materials will not be output if the setting here is turned on. 8
  9. Render Pool / Workflow Check TOON TRACE to render outline

    image. ANTIALIASING:Antialiasing strength (from 0.0 to 1.0) OBJECT ID:Line output by OBJECT ID, line thickness adjustment MATERIAL ID: Line output by MATERIAL ID, line thickness adjustment LINE WIDTH NORMAL: Setting the thickness of lines output by NORMAL THRESHOLD NORMAL: Setting the threshold for line output by NORMAL Parameters to be affected can be selected by checking ON or OFF. As an initial value, the settings in Render Settings>Effects>Countour Render Mode in DCG are reflected. Countour Render Mode setting is reflected. By checking the TOON TRACE checkbox, the following settings can be changed. ⑥ ⑥ START RENDER button to render Job 9
  10. Render Pool / Workflow Running You can check the job

    you START RENDERED at ⑥. If the rendering job is, ∟ If successful :Job will be in Rendered page. ∟ If failure :Job will be in Failed page. ∟ If Cancelled :Job will be in Cancel page. 10
  11. Render Pool / Workflow ⑦ On the Rendered File page,

    you can check the data that has been rendered. Click on the cloud symbol to download the rendered data. <Others> Trash Bin: Delete rendered data Note: Exported data is stored for a certain period of time and then deleted from the oldest data. ⑧ If you want to Download AOV's, you can do so from GENERATE AOV's. Check only the AOVs you want to DL and press DOWNLOAD. ⑧ ⑦ 11
  12. Others 12

  13. Render Pool / Others Cancel a job that is being

    rendered. Running You can check the job being rendered.
  14. Render Pool / Others This is a list of uploaded

    compressed data. <Original File> ①Start Render : Will proceed to create queue page ②雲のマーク:Download Original File ③ゴミ箱:Delete Original File Note: Exported data is stored for a certain period of time and then deleted from the oldest data. ① ② ③ 14
  15. Render Pool / Others Failed This is a list of

    failed jobs. 書き出しができたところまでのデータをDLできます。 Failedのページに移動したジョブは、この段階ではポイント消費はされません。 Click on GENERATE FILE to spend the points for the rendered result before failure 15
  16. Render Pool / Others Cancel This is a list of

    jobs that have been canceled. You can Download the data for the rendering completed. Points have already been consumed for the data used during rendering. Jobs deleted after a certain period of time After pressing GENERATE FILE, you will see a button named View File, which allows you to check the job information. 16
  17. Render Pool / Others Success This is a list of

    jobs that have been successfully rendered. You can check result. Detailed rendering settings and thumbnails can be and thumbnails can be checked. 17
  18. Render Pool / Others Credit History Billing History Purchase Credits

    You can check the number of Points used for a single job. Point purchase history. You can register your credit card and purchase Points. 18
  19. Render Pool / Others PURCHASE CREDITS: Go to the point

    purchase page CURRENT BALANCE: Number of points you have on your account ESTIMATED CREDIT USAGE: Estimated number of points consumed ESTIMATED FINAL BALANCE:Estimated total of number after rendering job CANCEL: Cancel Render job START RENDER: Register the job and start rendering You can check the projected status of the points used. 19
  20. None