CPAN Games

07b86e788c12e66f05d3bb7099aa1967?s=47 Renee
March 07, 2019

CPAN Games

Nowadays a lot of things are "gamified" to keep the people motivated. Gamification means e.g. that you need to pass one quest before you reach the next level (often used in e-learning). Or you get a badge as a reward or you ask people to be #1 in a leaderboard.
With regard to CPAN there are many leaderboards: Neil Bowers compiles the list of CPAN Regulars, you can try to get 100% at CPANCover or CPANTS.

As a regular Perl user, you could do other things: You could try to "beat" Chris Williams or Slaven Rezić wrt CPAN Test Reports or - since the beginning of this year - send at least one Pull Request to a Github repository that you get assigned in the PullRequest Club.

There are some people who help a lot with doing regular releases to CPAN:
* Andreas König
* Slaven Rezić
Who do a lot of CPAN Tests and analysis of the results. CPAN authors get qualified bug reports. Thank you!

And there is Mohammad S Anwar. I was the lucky man who received the 1600th Pull Request Mohammad sent. What an impressive number. He keeps others motivated by Pull Requests and tweets. Thank you!



March 07, 2019