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hiring at npm

583a0cfd3e0ec851166c5c6fa5e506a5?s=47 Raquel Vélez
December 02, 2015

hiring at npm

what we've learned that's worth sharing.

given at WaffleJS, December 2015


Raquel Vélez

December 02, 2015


  1. HIRING AT npm what we’ve learned that’s worth sharing brought

    to you by @rockbot
  2. DEFINE THE JOB/THE “BAR” what needs doing? 0

  3. OPEN UP THE JOB REQ stack the deck 1

  4. PICK SOME CANDIDATES everyone’s equally qualified at this point 2
  5. THE FIRST ROUND it’s just a conversation 3

  6. THE SHORT LIST or go back to step #2 4
  7. COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE let your candidates know where they stand 5
  8. THE SECOND ROUND time to go deeper 6

  9. THE SHORT SHORT LIST or go back to step #2

  10. THE ON-SITE INTERVIEW time to meet the rest of the

    team 8
  11. THE OFFER or go back to step #2 9

  12. CELEBRATE! and get ready for on-boarding…

  13. RAQUEL VÉLEZ @rockbot raquel@npm