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Aligning sales and marketing and getting organized for success

Aligning sales and marketing and getting organized for success

Sales Enablement Collective

October 07, 2020

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  1. Aligning Sales & Marketing and Getting Organised for Success Adam

    Wright Global Director of Sales Enablement Emerson Emerson Confidential
  2. Emerson Confidential 2 Context Emerson Confidential Our Automation Solutions business

    enables the greatest use of the world's most valuable resources, ensuring the performance and safety of industries that are the backbone of daily life. www.emerson.com Industrial B2B - Expertise, Technologies and Services to Run and Automate Industrial Processes Matrix Marketing and Sales Organization – a lot of stakeholders Platform BU x7 + Sub BUs Global WA Country Industry
  3. Marketing’s Alignment to Sales Growth Emerson Confidential “We did 100

    Campaigns last year and our target was only 50 - BOOM!!!”  Is that Success? Where Did We Come From? “Yeah I think I saw something about a Marketing campaign, not sure what it was though”
  4. Marketing’s Alignment to Sales Growth Emerson Confidential “Next Year we

    see XX growth potential in these markets, we need Marketing’s support to maximise on that” “Let’s work with Sales to help build our Marketing plan and set objectives that support their growth targets” Where Are We Now?
  5. Marketing’s Alignment to Sales Growth Emerson Confidential “Based on the

    Marketing demand funnel forecast we should be able to achieve XX growth next year” “Are we on track to meet our objectives? What needs to change? Are we investing in the right areas to hit the Sales targets?” What is Next?
  6. The Challenges We Face(d) Within Marketing & Sales Alignment •

    Lack of alignment on priority programs – Marketing resource efficiency – Lead follow-up low • Lack of processes / governance and Accountability – Limited ways to manage and view priority programs – Limited lead management process and agreements – No governance of Marketing objectives – Inconsistent ways to measure success • Weak and unclean contact database • Customers were suffering – Inconsistent and non-targeted experiences, slow follow-up response times Emerson Confidential Sales Enablement was born
  7. Shorten the Sales Cycle through Demand Creation Increase the Quality

    of Lead Management Increase Customer Lifetime Value Sales Enablement at Emerson - Better utilizing our Marketing and Digital Operations to Drive Sales Growth Putting in the right Processes and Technology, aligning the right People and providing the right Customer Experience to generate and capture demand Institutionalizing 360 degree Sales & Marketing Program Execution
  8. Ya Ya Ya….This Cannot Work for Us, We Are Different…

    These Are Real Steps we Took – Give it a Go!
  9. 1. Build a Platform for Alignment, Communication and Execution 1.

    Create a formal Team Charter 2. Create a structure for collaboration and decision making 3. Align on the priorities and measurable objectives 4. Communicate, Execute, Communicate some more Educate, Inspire and Drive Change
  10. 2. Match Your Current Processes Against Your Expected Gold Standard

    1. Map Out the Gold Standard Processes 2. Identify gaps or areas of weakness 3. Identify metrics that can be tracked to show progress Lead Management Process Integrated Sales & Marketing Program Model Demand Waterfall Lead Rejection Reasons Lead Follow-up Speed Form conversion rate Lead Conversion to Opportunity Rate # Active Contacts Campaign tactic conversion rate # Qualified Leads / campaign $ influenced by Marketing Campaigns
  11. 3. Get Your Foundations in Place • Global alignment on

    Definitions • Global alignment on Dashboards and Metrics What is a Lead? What is a Campaign? What are the Sales Stages?
  12. 4. Identify Priority Projects • Use the cross functional team

    to identify and agree on priorities • If face to face is not possible, use collaboration tools • Assign Owners and Sponsors for key projects Emerson Confidential
  13. 5. The 4 Pillars of Continuous Improvement 1.Get your dashboards

    consolidated and aligned 2.Drive a culture of data driven decision making 3.Identify anomalies and trends with key groups 4.Log, communicate, change
  14. The Results Since Inception – 1.5 years • 400% increase

    in $$$ converted from Marketing leads • 400% increase in leads captured in CRM • 100% increase in follow-up rate speed • 100% increase in Communication Preference Centre opt-ins • 164% increase in key field completeness for contacts database
  15. What is Next for Us? Continuous Improvement Sales & Marketing

    Growth Programs Site Intent Monitoring SPEED Account Based Selling ‘Ready to Buy’ Insights Lead Capture and Qualification Process Ease of Implementation Standardized Reporting and Regular Cadence with World Areas Contact Database Quality – Data Privacy and Preference 2021 Impact $ $ $ $ $