How to convince Non-Techies of Technology

How to convince Non-Techies of Technology

"I don't want to have to set anything up or adjust anything. I want to plug it in, turn it on and then it should work - like a hair dryer", my best friend, 24 years old.
Yes, it's not easy. Neither with our non-nerd friends, nor with our parents, grandmothers, grandpas, aunts and uncles. But we also often don't communicate on the same level with our customers, colleagues and superiors. And with all non-techies who are not as "nerdy" as we are and therefore don't understand why we spend half our lives in front of the computer and don't just watch netflixes or Youtube videos.
How can we convince our counterparts that technology can inspire? How can we show that it is not always difficult to use and "always causes problems", but that it can optimize work processes, revolutionize the home of tomorrow and simplify the whole life? We will answer these and other questions in this talk.



May 25, 2019