Designing apps for new internet users

Ad94879495e21b7362d0d2c845f44bc0?s=47 Soham Mondal
November 16, 2020

Designing apps for new internet users

Talk given at Droidcon Americas - 16th November 2020


Soham Mondal

November 16, 2020


  1. Designing Apps for New Internet Users By Soham Mondal from

    Triveous Droidcon Americas 2020
  2. Presentation Agenda Droidcon Americas 2020 Agenda Who are “New Internet

    Users”? Who are they? Why should you care? 1 What are the problems they face? Types of problems Nuances of these problems 2 How do these problems apply to me? Context of these problems Application of problems to a product/service 3 Solution & Examples Design principles for new internet users Examples of great solutions 4
  3. I’m Soham Mondal Founding Partner, Triveous Soham is the Founding

    Partner at Triveous and brings over 13 years of experience in building and servicing products across like finance, entertainment, education among others. About
  4. Triveous Technologies Private Limited About Triveous Triveous has over

    7 years of experience in working with companies like IDEO, Google, Khoslalabs, FREND and Meesho on domains like finance, entertainment, education amongst others. Our own product Skyro has over a million downloads across platforms. History About
  5. Deep Expertise in the “New Internet User” Category 2013 2016

    2017 Khoslalabs Worked with Khoslalabs on a state-of-the-art micro ATM (any Kirana shop owner can act as an ATM teller using their mobile phone) and POS solutions for the underbanked sections of India. EnParadigm and Google Worked with Enparadigm on multiple offline first apps in the insurance and education space. Worked with Google on multiple initiatives in the User Experience and Android Application space. About
  6. 2018 2020 FREND and Internetsaathi FREND is a non profit

    backed by Google and Tata Trusts. Worked on designing and developing an offline first application to generate livelihood for over 50,000 women in 300,000 villages across India. IDEO and Novopay Worked with IDEO on a design framework for new internet users. Worked with Novopay on multiple financial applications impacting millions of users across India.
  7. Framework for New Internet Users “DigitalConfidence. Design” for IDEO User

    Experience Worked with IDEO on a design framework for new internet users. Research was done in collaboration with Google (The next billion user team) and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. DETAILS About
  8. Who are “New Internet Users”? And why should you care?



  11. Most products today are not optimised for these markets or

  12. “Talking is easy, typing is hard.”  Mamta from Jaipur,

    India Mamta just got her first smartphone, and she loves watching videos on YouTube to discover recipes, learn stitching techniques, and listen to her favourite Bollywood (Indian Movies) songs. Phone Her phone, a Samsung J2 with a cracked screen, was passed down to her by a family member. 01. Voice Interaction Typing is difficult, so she finds it easier to use voice when looking for videos. It doesn't always go as intended though. When using her phone outside in a loud environment and it simply doesn’t understand her. She blames herself when it doesn’t work. 02.
  13. Being able to send customers photos of my projects has

    transformed my business  Elijah from Kampala, Uganda Elijah is a metalworker who builds fences, bedposts, and furniture. He uses WhatsApp to close deals with customers and share progress as he works on a project. Despite Elijah's low English literacy, he keeps it as the primary language on his phone because according to him, "technology is supposed to be in English." This makes it nearly impossible for him to read the words on the screen. He’s able to run his business by memorising where all of the important WhatsApp features are and texting photographs back and forth with his customers.
  14. Problems They Face Problems they face across categories 2

  15. Problems 1 Onboarding 2 Navigation 3 Accounts 6 Voice 7

    Visuals 8 Language 4 Discovery 9 Transactions 5 Assistance 10 Data Problem
  16. Accounts What is an account? The mental model of an

    “account” can be confusing. Creating an account (and remembering the credentials) is difficult. How does an account work in a shared device environment? PROBLEM STATEMENT Problem
  17. Discovery and Assistance How to discover content? How to ask

    for help? The contents and scale of the internet aren’t immediately apparent. Users don’t feel confident enough to experiment on their own within an app. It’s difficult to know who (or what) to trust. Asking for help isn’t always easy. PROBLEM STATEMENT Problem
  18. Language and Visuals Problem

  19. Data How do people use data? Data consumption can feel

    opaque and uncontrollable. Product development often assumes uninterrupted connectivity. PROBLEM STATEMENT Problem
  20. How do we do this? 3 Easy way to solve

    this problem

  22. DigitalConfidence Solution People and Problems Who are these “new internet

    users”? What are the problems they face using a smartphone confidently? 01. Impact on my product or service How do these problems impact my product or service?? What are the areas that I should focus on? 02. Solution How do I ensure that my product solves these problems? Are there examples of great solutions to these problems? 03.

  24. Context 4 How does this apply to my product or

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  29. Solution 5 Design Principles and Best Practices

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  32. Inspiration 6 Real examples of solutions











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