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Web Components: Where we are now, and what’s next?

Web Components: Where we are now, and what’s next?

Responsive Day Out, 19/06/15.


Peter Gasston

June 19, 2015

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  1. @stopsatgreen Web Components: where we are now, and what next?

    Responsive Day Out 19/06/15
  2. @stopsatgreen Peter Gasston

  3. @stopsatgreen For the designers.

  4. @stopsatgreen Web Components have been around for a while.

  5. @stopsatgreen In a trough on the hype cycle.

  6. @stopsatgreen Everybody’s in… but that means trouble.

  7. @stopsatgreen Web Components enable us to create widgets. CSS JS

    Widget Widget Widget
  8. @stopsatgreen Composable, reusable, encapsulated. CSS JS Widget Widget Widget

  9. @stopsatgreen We run things, things don’t run we, don’t take

    nothing from nobody.
  10. @stopsatgreen React, BEM, etc. are ways of doing this using

    the technologies of today.
  11. @stopsatgreen The Extensible Web Manifesto. extensiblewebmanifesto.org <picture> <source srcset="foo.png"

    600px)"> <img src="bar.png" alt="Logo"> </picture>
  12. @stopsatgreen Web Components are: Templates, HTML Imports, Custom Elements, Shadow

  13. @stopsatgreen Templates. Reusable fragments of inert HTML.

  14. @stopsatgreen <script type="text/x-tmpl-mustache"> … </script> <template>…</template>

  15. @stopsatgreen Templates. OK to use, with fallback for IE/Edge.

  16. @stopsatgreen HTML Imports. Include HTML documents in an HTML document.

  17. @stopsatgreen <link rel="import" href="file.html"> // file.js export foo; // page.js

    import foo from "file.js";
  18. @stopsatgreen HTML Imports. Will probably be replaced by ES6 modules.

  19. @stopsatgreen Shadow DOM. Hide complex markup inside an element.

  20. @stopsatgreen root = el.createShadowRoot({ mode: 'open' });
 root.innerHTML = '<div>…</div>';

  21. @stopsatgreen Shadow DOM is very hard to polyfill.

  22. @stopsatgreen Shadow DOM. Lots still to be defined.

  23. @stopsatgreen Custom Elements. Meaningful markup with bespoke properties.

  24. @stopsatgreen <fun-times></fun-times> document.registerElement('fun-times');

  25. @stopsatgreen <fun-times> = HTMLElement <funtimes> = HTMLUnknownElement document.registerElement('fun-times'); <fun-times> =

  26. @stopsatgreen fTs = document.querySelector('fun-times');
 fTs.hooray(); p = Object.create(HTMLElement.prototype); p.hooray =

    function() {…}; document.registerElement('fun-times',
 { prototype: p });
  27. @stopsatgreen // ES6 approach (not final) class fTs extends HTMLElement

    {…} document.registerElement('fun-times', fTs); ES6 offers a better way to do this.
  28. @stopsatgreen Custom Elements. Approach is sound, some details to finalise.

  29. @stopsatgreen is A major sticking point.

  30. @stopsatgreen p = Object.create(HTMLButtonElement.prototype); document.registerElement('fun-times', { prototype: p, extends: 'button'

    }); <button is="fun-times"></button>
  31. @stopsatgreen is isn’t (probably)

  32. @stopsatgreen In summary: welcome to the trough of disillusionment.

  33. @stopsatgreen A tour of the sausage factory.

  34. @stopsatgreen This is our big opportunity. We need to get

    this right.
  35. @stopsatgreen A11y, usability, SEO, etc, become our responsibility.

  36. @stopsatgreen Sturgeon’s Revelation: 90% of everything is crap.

  37. @stopsatgreen The Gold Standard. github.com/webcomponents/gold-standard/wiki

  38. @stopsatgreen Loading, DOM Presence, Content, Interaction, API, Styling, Performance, Localisation,

    Factoring, Development.
  39. @stopsatgreen Unix philosophy: every component does one job.

  40. @stopsatgreen Learn a library first, then vanilla.

  41. @stopsatgreen

  42. @stopsatgreen Everybody’s in. but that means trouble. …

  43. @stopsatgreen Cheers.

  44. @stopsatgreen Reading list: • webcomponents.org/articles/why-web-components/ • hacks.mozilla.org/2015/06/the-state-of-web-components/ • aerotwist.com/blog/polymer-for-the-performance-obsessed/ •

    tjvantoll.com/speaking/slides/Web-Components-Catch/San-Francisco/ web-components-catch.pdf • w3.org/2015/04/24-webapps-minutes.html • … and many, many more.