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Web Components: Where we are now, and what’s next?

Web Components: Where we are now, and what’s next?

Responsive Day Out, 19/06/15.

Peter Gasston

June 19, 2015

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  1. @stopsatgreen // ES6 approach (not final) class fTs extends HTMLElement

    {…} document.registerElement('fun-times', fTs); ES6 offers a better way to do this.
  2. @stopsatgreen Reading list: • webcomponents.org/articles/why-web-components/ • hacks.mozilla.org/2015/06/the-state-of-web-components/ • aerotwist.com/blog/polymer-for-the-performance-obsessed/ •

    tjvantoll.com/speaking/slides/Web-Components-Catch/San-Francisco/ web-components-catch.pdf • w3.org/2015/04/24-webapps-minutes.html • … and many, many more.