Geographic Information Systems and Floodplain Management

Geographic Information Systems and Floodplain Management

Laura Haverlah, CFM


  1. Geographic Information Systems and Floodplain Management Using Collaborative Tools to

    Enhance Flood Hazard Mitigation Laura Haverlah, CFM
  2. None
  3. GIS & Friends: Creating Better Data Together ArcGIS: Esri’s geographic

    information systems (GIS) software Hazus: FEMA software application for multi-hazard loss estimation SDE (Substantial Damage Estimator): A plug-in tool for damage estimation FMD: Floodmap Desktop (Atkins proprietary ArcGIS extension) 3
  4. “The beginning is the most important part of the work”

    -Plato Esri’s ArcGIS software provides the platform for GIS data development, processing, and production. 4
  5. Hazus: Multi-Hazard Loss Estimation Estimate physical, economic, and social impacts

    of disasters using Hazus 5
  6. Hazus: Multi-Hazard Loss Estimation Using the Hazus Flood Model 6

    Define study region Create a basemap of study region Identify hazards of interest Produce the following outputs: Return Intervals Discharge Frequencies Annualized Losses “Quick Look” Assessments “What if” scenarios
  7. 7 Hazus: Multi-Hazard Loss Estimation

  8. SDE: Substantial Damage Estimator Determine substantial damage for residential and

    non-residential structures 8
  9. 9 SDE: Hurricane Harvey

  10. SDE: Hurricane Harvey 10

  11. 11 SDE: Substantial Damage Estimator Get off my lawn!

  12. FMD: Floodmap Desktop 12 Generate FEMA RiskMap products using the

    FMD extension
  13. FMD: Floodmap Desktop Setting up your project 13 Create the

    geodatabase Set the Project Settings Import any needed data Create the FIRM Panel index
  14. FMD: Floodmap Desktop Creating FIRM Panels Set up Data Driven

    pages QA/QC data Create Maps Create Annotation 14
  15. FMD: Floodmap Desktop Producing RiskMAP products Export Maps Export Data

    to GCS Export to Shapefiles Export Metadata 15
  16. FMD: Floodmap Desktop 16

  17. 17 What can you do with GIS? Hazus: FEMA’s

    SDE: FMD: