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MODE Company Guide Ver4.0

MODE Company Guide Ver4.0

MODE’s founders have amassed a wealth of experience in managing data at companies like Google, Twitter and Yahoo as engineers and managers. Members in MODE's team also have various engineering and business backgrounds in many leading IT companies in the US and Japan. We work together in the evolving IoT field, where there are unsolved and exciting technical challenges emerging day in, day out. We are keen to work with ambitious and energetic people who enjoy tackling and solving difficult issues together. Please check out the company guide. We look forward to your application!
Our job listing : https://boards.greenhouse.io/tinkermode


Tetsuya Chinone

March 31, 2022


  1. About MODE Ver4.0

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 Who we are THE COMPANY

  3. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 Corporate Information MODE, Inc. Gaku

    Ueda and Ethan Kan July, 2014 Name Founders Founded Investors SF Bay Area, Tokyo Offices
  4. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 Founders Gaku Ueda CEO/Co-Founder Ethan

    Kan CTO/Co-Founder Ethan is a software architect, coder and API designer. As the first engineering hire of ONElist, he helped create one of the first social networks of the Internet. He went on to become the tech lead of Yahoo Groups, overseeing both development and operations. Before co-founding MODE, he was Director of Engineering at social games company 50Cubes. Gaku has held leadership roles in some of the most prominent technology firms in Silicon Valley, driving engineering of services that run on a massive scale. Prior to founding MODE, Inc., he was Director of Engineering at Twitter. At Google, he led the team that launched Google Maps in Japan and grew the service into a market leader. In his spare time, Gaku is an avid cyclist, electronics tinkerer and collector of vintage personal computers.
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 Major Milestones Founded in San

    Francisco Bay Area Jul. 2014 Opened Tokyo Office Sep. 2017 Aug. 2018 Raised US$ 3.5M (Seed) Dec. 2020 Raised US$ 6M (Series A) Launch of the MODE Platform Apr. 2015
  6. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 MODE provides guidance and tools

    for more businesses to improve their operations by connecting them to their data and insights, allowing them to be more proactive and efficient in what they want to accomplish. Our Mission
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 Big data is still only

    for online marketing Data analytics has been getting popular in analyzing web usage data. However, vast majority of business activities are happening in the real world. Big data analytics hasn't been utilized much because of the difficulty of collecting real-world data. What we are trying to do The Problem
  8. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 What we are trying to

    do Real-world Data We are making data collection from the real world easy by providing packaged solutions for IoT. Our goal is to make collecting and using data collected from the real world a routine part of business, to usher in a new era of automation, big data analysis and artificial intelligence. Big Data in the Future
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 One team can deliver entire

    range of engineering required for IoT MODE engineering team covers a wide range of software engineering capabilities from large-scale cloud platform development to low-level Linux system development. By having wide range of software engineering capabilities in a team, MODE has an unique strength of developing a coherent end-to-end solution. Industry Solutions built on solid foundation MODE has worked on a large number loT projects using the same software. Continuous improvements on the software stack made it solid and reliable. While other IoT systems are still built as custom software, the MODE solutions can be deployed faster, cheaper and much more reliably. MODE's strengths
  10. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 IoT We are aiming to

    be the leading IoT platform company ERP CRM
  11. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 MODE makes it a norm

    for people to make informed decisions by giving visibility to the physical world through data. Our Vision
  12. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 What we do BUSINESS

  13. MODE BizStack MODE BizStack is a full-stack business solution for

    improving business operations via tracking KPIs of on-the-ground activities.
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 We provide guidance and tools

    ✖ • Best practices for data collections • Advices for Digital Transformation パッケージソリューション Full-stack business operation KPI improvement solution コンサルティングサービス Customer Success For any sensor businesses “MODE SENSOR CLOUD” Automotive data collection “MODE SENSOR CLOUD” Product Data Usage “MODE FACTORY CLOUD” Cloud Service for Robots “MODE ROBOT CLOUD”
  15. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 MODE Use Cases Automotives MaaS/Transportations/Logistics

    Manufacturing/Factories Healthcare/Wearables Smart Homes Construction
  16. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 What needs to be done

    for IoT system development G/W Software Development G/W Hardware Selection Sensor Devices Selection Database Design Cloud Development Application Development Visualization・Machine Learning Database Cloud Gateways Sensor Devices Gateways
  17. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 • System stability(fault-tolerance, DevOps) •

    Security, Data Management, Access Management What are important for IoT?
  18. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 What needs to be done

    for IoT system development G/W Software Development G/W Hardware Selection Sensor Devices Selection Database Design Cloud Development Application Development Visualization・Machine Learning Database Cloud Gateways Sensor Devices Gateways
  19. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 What needs to be done

    for IoT system development G/W Software Development G/W Hardware Selection Sensor Devices Selection Database Design Cloud Development Application Development Visualization・Machine Learning Database Cloud Gateways Sensor Devices Gateways We prepare a packaged solution for a customer’s specific IoT needs.
  20. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 Collect data from various devices

    and sensors. It is a solution that adds new value–data collection–to our clients hardware. Collected data will be stored in the cloud and can be utilized in real time. MODE SENSOR CLOUD
  21. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 Collect real-time data of drivers

    and vehicles. MODE MOBILITY CLOUD tackles issues related to logistics and transportation such as temperature management for refrigerator trucks, measurement of driving environment, accident prevention, driving route optimization, etc. MODE MOBILITY CLOUD
  22. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 Realize Industry 4.0 and Smart

    Factory By using data in manufacturing sites, MODE FACTORY CLOUD solves issues such as machine usage optimization, predictive maintenance, cost reduction, energy saving, etc. MODE FACTORY CLOUD
  23. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 Make Robot development and operation

    easy MODE ROBOT CLOUD with its sensor data collection technology is a flexible and robust cloud platform for service robots. It provides necessary components for robot development and operation. MODE ROBOT CLOUD
  24. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 We guide customers to successful

    IoT deployments. MODE is not just providing a software solution, but we provide a successful pattern of technology deployments. What data to collect and how to use the data is more important than the mechanics of data collection. MODE's Enterprise Solutions Managers can guide businesses to successfully leverage the value in their real-world data. Customer Success
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 Use Cases MODE solutions have

    been used by various companies including major enterprises. Office equipments Automotive Sensors Smart office
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 OUR TEAM How we work

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 Our offices San Francisco Bay

    Area (SFO) Tokyo (TYO) A Globally Distributed Team  We do not call the US office "headquarters". Our teams are equal. EU office and Singapore office 2014 2017 Next locations Our Future Offices
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 Teams work closely together PRODUCT

    CORPORATE MANAGEMENT BUSINESS CUSTOMERS Customer happiness Business growth Great products Company operations and growth With clear mandates, each team is expected to make timely decisions and take speedy actions. But we also encourage acting/thinking beyond silos, by focusing on shared company mission and goals over structure and hierarchy.
  29. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 We build products that we

    are proud of building and we'll be happy to use as a user We don't want to provide products that make people uncomfortable and do not lead to a better future. We are authentic We are true to ourselves and customers. When we make mistakes, we will admit them. We treat each other as a talented professional We don't make rules to tell the basics. We encourage continuous learning We help each other to be better professionals. We are building our culture We are creating our culture together and it is evolving over time. MODE Culture Statement
  30. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 How we work Operate with

    as little rules as possible Transparency Members are autonomous and empowered Realize our mission
  31. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 MODE Members Satoshi, VP of

    Business Development Satoshi is a seasoned professional in business development, specializing in IoT and Digital Transformation businesses. He has launched several B2B and B2C initiatives at NIFTY and Fujitsu America. He also has experience in corporate investments and business strategies. With his motto, “with us, you can”, he is ready to help customers innovate and build their business. Bill, Software Engineer Bill has over 10 years of experience in software development, mostly as a frontend engineer. He has developed the user interface for many different kinds of software such as analytics, hardware controller, games, social networks, and support tools. He enjoys turning static mocks and designs into live applications. Matt, Software Engineer Matt is a software engineer who enjoys designing, building, and managing backend systems. He has previously worked as a full-stack engineer and project manager in the IoT and biotechnology industries. While working at MODE, he is also completing his MS in computer science, with a focus on machine learning and computing systems.
  32. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 Voices of our team members:

    What I like about MODE I enjoy working with great engineers in the flexible and international work environment that enables us to develop globally impactful products. I feel lucky to be involved in growing our business and make a future with the company. We feel empowered and are encouraged to work autonomously. MODE also encourages us to take risks and try out new challenges. It is easy to work here as I feel I can talk freely about what I think of the company, our products, and our organization.
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 Voices of our team members:

    What surprised me after joining MODE Every single one in team is very motivated to grow and to do great work. It is not easy for some non-native English speakers to use English all the time but they try hard to use it as the common language. I joined the MODE team recently and found that my team members are emotionally mature and very friendly. I was surprised that communication among members are very smooth even under the remote work conditions. There are opportunities to interact with each other outside of work, such as TGIF or tea times. I feel I assimilated into the company very easily. Working-from-home became a new norm for MODE during the pandemic. We enjoy casual conversations during online tea times a few times a week. All members in the US and Japan get together at TGIAF (Thank God It's Almost Friday) each month, overcoming the time zone difference to enjoy drinks and social interactions through games and conversations.
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 Direct feedback and teamwork matter

    to us We promote direct feedback from as many peers as possible because we believe it will help each of us to grow as professionals and achieve big goals. We also believe that high-quality teamwork is key to our success. We recognize and reward good team players. We focus on efficient work over long work hours Company and team goals are set every two months rather than quarterly. As a startup, we need to be nimble and be able to change course fast when we need to. We set ambitious but achievable goals through discussion with managers and colleagues. We would rather be finding out new efficient ways to get things done than overwhelming our members with unrealistic goals. We also promote flexible work environment. We work hard and smart instead of not long hours. Our well-being should not be compromised in our long journey to big success. How we work and get rewarded
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 Incubation Office 2014  

  36. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 SFO Office 2015

  37. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 SFO Office 2017

  38. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 SFO Office 2019

  39. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 Tokyo Office 2017

  40. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 Tokyo Office 2019

  41. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 Tokyo Office 2021 41

  42. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 2019 Company Offsite in Napa

  43. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 We are looking for world-class

    talent in many different job areas who are passionate about our mission and can help us accelerate our growth and expand our global reach. If you are someone who is excited by the opportunity of working and growing together in an international work environment, please apply! We are hiring!
  44. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 At MODE, we want to

    work with… • Someone who enjoys working with colleagues with a diverse background. • Someone who is excellent in their specialized area. • A team player who puts the team’s success first and can work beyond organizational silos. • Someone who is eagor to grow and learn new things to tackle issues that we do not have solutions for. • Someone who is passionate about making the world a better place through IoT. • Someone who is creative and likes to try new things to pursue new values and methods. • Someone who is autonomous and ready to take initiatives. • Someone who is flexible and open to new ideas. Personal traits we are looking for
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 Our Hiring Process • There

    will be a take-home test before interviews for some of the positions. • At “Hiring Huddle”, founders, hiring manager and interviewers get together and discuss the candidate’s fit. Offer is made if the group arrive at an unanimous decision. Offer Hiring Huddle Interviews Application
  46. © 2021 MODE, Inc. 
 The Internet became available to

    everyone in the late 1990s and it has changed our lives drastically. Today we can access to vast amount of information and connect with everyone on the planet. I've loved PC from a young age when the computer was just for single-player games and printing documents. We have come a long way! I came across the “IoT” concept in around 2013. It was instantly clear to me that connecting "things" to the Internet would be the massive change for the next 20 years. I wanted play a big role in this change. Thus, Ethan and I started MODE. Since we started the company, this vision hasn't changed. Join us to push the frontier forward. Gaku Ueda CEO and Co-founder A message from CEO
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 Apply today! Visit our job

    listing here
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