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Skills for Government 2.0

Skills for Government 2.0

Governments are changing by bring data to citizens and using it to improve evaluation and efficiency. What skills are needed for Government 2.0?
Presented at DataCamp 2012 (http://datacamp2012.org/).

Tom Schenk Jr

October 23, 2012

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  2. Data Apps Stats

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  4. Governmental agencies have begun to store and digitize data in

    databases as a part of their services.
  5. Legislation and cooperative data sharing agreements have dramatically increased the

    size and analytical power of data.
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  8. Crime in Chicago New York Times L.A. Times Chicago Tribune

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  13. Analysis needs to go beyond maps as a way to

    understand issues. The real world is complex, so we need complex models.
  14. y= φ(α + β1 x + β2 x + ·

    · · + ε)
  15. Analysis should advance knowledge from academia, theories, and prior research.

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  18. Return on Investment for a community college degree in Iowa.

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  20. To wrangle data, organizations need to build databases to properly

    store data. Free tools can be used to build high-quality warehouses.
  21. Applications deliver data and the message to the public. Development

    tools are easy to obtain, but it requires a skilled programmer or team
  22. Statistics are neglected, but good policy depends on sound analysis.

    We must engage in advanced analytics to find crucial trends and causes.
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