Paris: Perfectly executing the wrong plan

3c0b492a599715b69b5ed1363a9c2c4f?s=47 Tomer Sharon
March 23, 2015

Paris: Perfectly executing the wrong plan

App developers ask themselves excellent questions about their users: Do people need my app? Can people use my app? Why do people sign-up, then not use my app? However, app developers answer their excellent questions in invalid and unreliable ways. It is shocking to see how much effort app developers put in writing elegantly structured, refactored code, with good unit test coverage in an agile environment, and yet, their apps fail miserably.

This talk inspires startup founders, entrepreneurs, product managers, and developers to implement valid and reliable ways to answer their most burning questions. It helps them validate or invalidate their assumptions on their own—cheaply, and quickly, by using simple user research techniques with a main goal in mind: developing apps (and other products) people need, want, and enjoy.


Tomer Sharon

March 23, 2015