UX14 - Visual Exploration – People As Metaphors (Nachiket Vinay)

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October 10, 2014

UX14 - Visual Exploration – People As Metaphors (Nachiket Vinay)

This is a unique project of visual exploration of people in order to understand them beyond their physical contours and bring about an essence of their personality through symbols and metaphors. Man has spoken through the language of symbols from the beginning of time, recording strong feelings and impressions through myriad symbols in religion, art, poetry or spirituality. They possess specific connotations beyond the obvious meanings...

To take this means of communication forward in the area of understanding people (users) can open up many horizons in the area of design. What if a persona of a consistent achiever with high aspiration be represented as a shining medal and its ribbon as wings. This sort of depiction may bear no physical resemblance to a man per say, but it catches the nerve of the personality of the user type and this kind of image may be immensely useful while designing a product for such user type.

This project covers 15 personalities and each of them have been modeled with a visual that is intimate and intrinsic to their being, far away from physical attributes..

This compilation is expected to be a part of the book, to be launched this year...



October 10, 2014