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UXINDIA18 - HUMANS ARE MORE THAN A PRODUCT INTERACTION: Using Research to Holistically Understand People

October 06, 2018

UXINDIA18 - HUMANS ARE MORE THAN A PRODUCT INTERACTION: Using Research to Holistically Understand People

Key note - Day 3


October 06, 2018

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  2. meena kothandaraman @meena_ko humans > product interaction using research to

    holistically understand people
  3. 2 what comprises an experience? @meena_ko

  4. 3 experience = people + interaction @meena_ko

  5. 4 experience = people + interaction (PRODUCTS, TECHNOLOGY) @meena_ko

  6. 5 experience = people + interaction (PRODUCTS, TECHNOLOGY) @meena_ko

  7. 6 we experience mediocrity more often than we like @meena_ko

  8. 7 how are people typically studied? @meena_ko

  9. 8 typical research question: tell me about the last time

    you …. @meena_ko
  10. 9 The standard protocol gives people 5 minutes to answer

    rich questions about their lives @meena_ko
  11. 10 and expects a golden nugget @meena_ko

  12. 11 studies often jump right to interaction, product, and technology

  13. 12 we need to study people and give them space

    to articulate their ways @meena_ko
  14. 13 (hint: not a pub) @meena_ko

  15. 14 how can we study people? @meena_ko

  16. 15 note: the best solution to studying people is to

    just do it by advocating for it… @meena_ko
  17. 16 but if you cannot: start with the people, and

    move to the product to avoid bias @meena_ko
  18. 17 we can share techniques to gain more insight into

    people 1 @meena_ko 2 3
  19. 18 give people a chance to think @meena_ko 1

  20. 19 ROBOTIC DEVICES how do people learn about robotic vacuums?

    HOMEWORK @meena_ko 1
  21. 20 reveal patterns of behaviors + aptitudes with rationale @meena_ko

  22. 21 behaviors aptitudes attitudes emotions what people do what people

    can do/know what people think what people feel CHANGE MORE FREQUENTLY CHANGE LESS FREQUENTLY @meena_ko 2
  23. 22 JUDICIAL COUNCIL OF CALIFORNIA how do people self-litigate? @meena_ko

  24. 23 avoid the typical list of questions, and allow people

    to articulate in different ways @meena_ko 3
  25. 24 INSURANCE COMPANY how do people keep a track of

    valuables? @meena_ko 3
  26. 25 @meena_ko CITY OF BOSTON how do people describe their

    neighborhoods? 3
  27. 26 keep people first when studying interaction give people a

    chance to think PERMISSION TO THINK DEEPLY reveal patterns of behaviors, aptitudes PERMISSION TO DECONSTRUCT allow articulation in different ways PERMISSION TO SHARE NATURALLY @meena_ko 1 2 3
  28. 27 evolve studies and study protocols to include people @meena_ko

  29. 28 designs that are anchored in the rich complexity of

    people can create meaningful interaction @meena_ko
  30. thank you meena@twigandfish.com | @meena_ko | #peoplefirst www.twigandfish.com THANKS TO