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Lightweight UX Strategy for Devising Innovative Products / Jaime Levy (EDGE 2015)

UX Salon
September 17, 2015

Lightweight UX Strategy for Devising Innovative Products / Jaime Levy (EDGE 2015)

User experience (UX) strategy lies at the intersection of UX design and business strategy. It is a practice that should rely on empirical, lightweight tactics that quickly move you and your team toward a unique digital solution that customers want. In this presentation, Jaime Levy takes you through several design strategy techniques that you can use for crafting innovative products regardless of your work environment.

UX Salon

September 17, 2015

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  1. In 2008, I first saw the term “UX Strategy” used

    in print! It was in a sidebar in this pretty advanced-level UX book called “Mental Models” by Indy Young.
  2. Business Strategy Value Innovation Validated User Research Killer UX Design

    = UX Strategy So, I came up with my own formula…
  3. What is UX Strategy? It’s a plan-of-action on how to

    ascertain that the user experience of a product is aligned with the business’s objectives.
  4. What else is UX Strategy? It’s the vision for the

    core experience of a product that needs to be validated with target customer segments that it is desired in the marketplace.
  5. Why is HAVING A UX Strategy CRUCIAL? It’s a practice

    that when done empirically is a way better guarantee of a successful digital product than just crossing your fingers and writing a bunch of code.
  6. It was Clayton Christensen (the Harvard Business School professor) who

    said “the premature outlay of huge amounts of money in pursuit of the wrong strategy is the thing to avoid. You need to have an experimental mindset.
  7. Validation Is when we prove something to be true. Is

    when we prove something not to be true. Invalidation And be COOL with the PROCESS of VALIDATION
  8. Customer Discovery User Research Two books that had a BIG

    INFLUENCE on Validated User Research
  9. In his mind-blowing 2011 book Lean Startup, Eric Ries's philosophy

    on Validated User Research and the Build-Measure- Learn feedback loop has totally recast the way both startups and enterprises release products into the marketplace.
  10. Doing Customer Discovery instead of Traditional User Research SAVES TIMES

 Putting Solution Prototypes in front of Your Hypothesized Customers with the Stakeholders present SAVES TIMES AND MONEY Releasing your product experiment in phases and fine tuning your value proposition and customer acquisition strategy SAVES TIMES AND MONEY LIGHTWEIGHT UX Strategy Tactics (the recap)