JBrowse within the Arabidopsis Information Portal - PAG XXIII

JBrowse within the Arabidopsis Information Portal - PAG XXIII

Araport integrates JBrowse visualization software from GMOD. In order to support diverse sets of locally and remotely sourced tracks, the “ComboTrackSelector” JBrowse plugin was developed to enable the capability to partition metadata rich tracks in the “Faceted” selector while using the default “Hierarchical” selector for everything else.

A dynamic sequence viewer add-on, “SeqLighter”, was developed using the BioJS framework (http://biojs.net/), configured offer end-users with the capability to view the genomic sequence underlying the gene models (genic regions plus customizable flanking regions), highlight sub-features (like UTRs, exons, introns, start/stop codons) and export the annotated output in various formats (SVG, PNG, JPEG).

Presentation regarding JBrowse plugin development and its adoption by the Araport project, made at GMODs workshop the on 14 Jan 2015, conducted at PAG XXIII in San Diego, CA.

Presented by Vivek Krishnakumar


Vivek Krishnakumar

January 14, 2015