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Integrate JBrowse REST API Framework with Adama Federation Architecture

Integrate JBrowse REST API Framework with Adama Federation Architecture

This presentation describes the work done to integrate the JBrowse REST API Framework with the Araport.org-developed Adama Federation Architecture, enabling community developers to package their published datasets and expose them in a manner which is compatible with JBrowse.

Presented by Vivek Krishnakumar

Vivek Krishnakumar

December 03, 2015

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  1. araport.org @araport Outline • JBrowse REST API spec • ADAMA

    endpoints • Mapping JBrowse to ADAMA endpoints • Extending JBrowse REST feature store • Handling Auth in JBrowse 1.x • Use Case – Integrate Chromatin States data into JBrowse via ADAMA • Summary • Challenges
  2. araport.org @araport JBrowse REST API spec • Javascript based portable

    genome browser tool developed by GMOD community • Ships with REST feature and names store adapter • REST feature store requires access to following endpoints via HTTP GET: – (base)/stats/global – (base)/stats/region/(refseq)?start=123&end=456 – (base)/stats/regionFeatureDensities/(refseq)?start=123&end=456&basesP erBin=20000 – (base)/features/(refseq)?start=234&end=5678 • Can provide feature, sequence, and quantitative data for display • Accepted response type: application/json http://gmod.org/wiki/JBrowse_Configuration_Guide#Writing_JBrowse-compatible_Web_Services
  3. araport.org @araport ADAMA endpoints • Araport Data And Microservices API

    – Developed by WalterM and MattV • Encapsulates python code into reusable docker containers • Exposes internal logic as API endpoints: – query, generic adapters via HTTP GET • (base)/search • (base)/list – passthrough adapters via HTTP GET and POST • (base)/access • Implements token based Auth via iPlant OAuth2 https://github.com/Arabidopsis-Information-Portal/adama
  4. araport.org @araport Mapping JBrowse to ADAMA endpoints • ADAMA (currently)

    doesn’t allow defining custom endpoints • So, we have to map the 4 JBrowse endpoints to the 2 ADAMA endpoints • Proposed endpoint mapping: JBrowse ADAMA (base)/stats/global (base)/search?q=global (base)/stats/region (base)/search?q=region (base)/stats/regionFeatureDensities (base)/search?q=regionFeatureDensities (base)/features (base)/search?q=features (base)/list?q=makeTrackListJson
  5. araport.org @araport Extending JBrowse REST feature store • JBrowse/Store/SeqFeature/REST handles

    requests from the browser to the configured API service – Understands the 4 pre-defined endpoints • REST feature store extended based on proposed endpoint mapping • Utilize JBrowse Plugin architecture to develop Araport plugin: Araport/Store/SeqFeature/REST http://gmod.org/wiki/JBrowse_Configuration_Guide#Writing_JBrowse_Plugins
  6. araport.org @araport Handling Auth in JBrowse 1.x • ADAMA (currently)

    requires all requests to be accompanied by an Authorization Bearer $TOKEN • JBrowse 1.x does not support OAuth2 implicit flow, thus cannot generate tokens • Solution: – OAuth2 $TOKEN created with unlimited validity (-1) • $TOKEN generated by Araport anonymous user • $TOKEN scope limited to ADAMA services – Araport/Store/SeqFeature/RESTAuth hard codes $TOKEN – Araport/Store/SeqFeature/REST inherits from RESTAuth
  7. araport.org @araport Use Case Integrate Chromatin States data into JBrowse

    via ADAMA • Published dataset representing a landscape of Arabidopsis thaliana chromatin states using 16 features, including DNA sequence, CG methylation, histone variants, and modifications • Data represents chromosomal regions (start/stop coordinates) corresponding with 9 distinct chromatin states • Published with manuscript as supplementary dataset (in XLS format) Sequeira-Mendes, J., Aragüez, I., Peiró, R., Mendez-Giraldez, R., Zhang, X., Jacobsen, S. E., ... & Gutierrez, C. (2014). The functional topography of the Arabidopsis genome is organized in a reduced number of linear motifs of chromatin states. The Plant Cell, 26(6), 2351-2366.
  8. araport.org @araport • Develop ADAMA adapter to dynamically query data

    from desired region and represent as JBrowse compatible JSON • Code: https://github.com/Arabidopsis-Information- Portal/chromatin_states_to_jbrowse • Implementation logic: – Data transformed from 9 XLS worksheets into individual GFF3 files – Pythonic parser developed using gffutils, allowing range querying (via intermediary sqlite database) – ADAMA metadata.yml written which describes dependencies, endpoints and provenance • Data hosted with code (due to small size, well within GitHub file size limits) • ADAMA namespace created and adapter registered • Available in API explorer (search for ‘chromatin’) Use Case Integrate Chromatin States data into JBrowse via ADAMA https://jira.araport.org/browse/MINE-1078
  9. araport.org @araport Integrate Chromatin States data into JBrowse via ADAMA

    • JBrowse tracks configured to talk to registered ADAMA endpoint • End result visible in screenshot above • Live view: https://apps.araport.org/jbrowse/?data=arabidopsis&loc=Chr3:11355449..11407858&tracks=chromatin_state_1,chro matin_state_2,chromatin_state_3,chromatin_state_4,chromatin_state_5,chromatin_state_6,chromatin_state_7,chromat in_state_8,chromatin_state_9,Araport11_gene_models
  10. araport.org @araport Summary • Extended JBrowse to integrate with ADAMA

    endpoints • Exposed a published community dataset via ADAMA as an API • Exposed track configuration via ADAMA API • Visualized dataset in JBrowse via ADAMA API
  11. araport.org @araport Challenges • Making web service calls to ADAMA

    requires Authorization $TOKEN • JBrowse needs to hard code the Authorization $TOKEN • Track configuration needs to be manually added to JBrowse • Scaling to larger datasets not feasible via GitHub route
  12. araport.org @araport Acknowledgements • JCVI Araport Team – Chia-Yi Cheng

    – Agnes Chan – Chris Town • TACC Araport Team – Walter Moreira – Matthew Vaughn • Prof. Crisanto Gutierrez (CBMSO)