Redis, another step on the road

Redis, another step on the road

Introduction to Redis 3.0, and it’s features and improvements. What’s difference between Redis / Memcached / Aerospike ? The strong sides of Redis, and away from the weak sides.

本議程介紹 Redis 3.0 及其歷史,探討 Redis 的特性與改進。並一併分析 Redis / Memcached / Aerospike 三者之間的差異,有助於未來面對業務場景需求提供瞭解與判斷。最後,分享 Redis 適用之場景,及其不適用場景下的備案或整合方案。議程適於 Redis 初學者、對 Redis 想深入瞭解者,及曾經莫名被 Redis 雷擊或坑殺者。


Yi-Feng Tzeng

May 18, 2015