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BMTC18: Tourism: Thinking Outside the Bottle & Can: Visitor Experience 101

BMTC18: Tourism: Thinking Outside the Bottle & Can: Visitor Experience 101

A rich, multifaceted visitor experience can be a real game-changer for your brewery. In this session, 1) Rethink the basic, boring TOUR with new ways to encourage comfortable participation and build an emotional connection to your brand. 2) Explore the art of TASTING, learning how to highlight your products and educate visitors with tasting notes, suggested pairings, cocktail ideas and more. 3) Get smart strategies for how to transform your GIFT SHOP into a sustainable revenue source as you maximize selection — while carefully curating inventory to keep it relevant to both the brand and visitors — and support it with amazing customer service. 4) And get great advice for driving TRAFFIC by creating a welcoming, receptive public profile, from traditional advertising to smart social media tactics to partnerships with local and state tourism agencies. Presenters: Steve Schmidt, Sarah West, Ruby Benoit, Brant Myers (Moderator)


Zephyr Conferences

March 08, 2018


  1. Brant Myers Owner Hop On Beer Tours

  2. Ruby Benoit, CDME Chief Idea Igniter & Founder Divergent Group

  3. Sarah West Direct of Marketing & Hospitality Heavy Seas Beer

  4. Steve Schmidt Promote The Brew Host of the Market The

    Brew podcast
  5. None
  6. CVBs and DMOs

  7. CVBs and DMOs • Partner with your local and state

    tourism agencies • Member vs. Non-member
  8. Opportunities with CVBs and DMOs • Meetings & Conventions Calendar

    • Leads for private events • Extracurricular activities for conferences • Travel itineraries that include your brewery • Media and Travel Trade FAMs
  9. Opportunities with CVBs and DMOs • Global sales missions •

    Networking opportunities • Visitor Guides and promotion collateral • Website listings, ads, etc. • Social Media
  10. UGC

  11. User Generated Content (UGC) • Any form of content that

    was created by consumers online and is publicly available to others. • Video • Blogs • Discussion form posts • Digital images • Audio files and other forms of media • 3rd Party Endorsements/Testimonials
  12. Why use UGC? • Embraces Authenticity • 63% of consumers

    would buy from a company they consider to be authentic over and above its competitors. (Cohn & Wolfe) • 43% of millennials rank authenticity above the content itself when consuming news. (Elite Daily) • Cost-Effective • Your customers are creating the assets for you, and bringing in their own audiences as a result. • Easier to Track Than You Think
  13. View the UGC video examples at https://www.dropbox.com/s/7o30s8b064d5ry4/UGC%20Video.mp4?dl=0

  14. Chobani’s UGC •Loyal customers submitted videos and images praising Chobani

    •Shared on Chobani’s website, billboards, and across other mediums through a UGC platform. •Attributed the campaign to a 225.9% increase in revenue between 2009 and 2010.
  15. AR

  16. AR • AR is rapidly growing in popularity because it

    brings elements of the virtual world. • Bring your printed pieces to life in your customer’s hand. • How does it work? • Generate 3-D content that pops off the page • Add a “wow” factor to the customer experience • Add real-time information
  17. View the UGC video examples at https://www.dropbox.com/s/8hi67kzgovw3rf9/AR%20Demo.mp4?dl=0

  18. What can you do with AR? • Enhance your visitor

    experience (e.g., tastings, gift shop, etc.) • Collect demographic and contact information • Surveys • Launch a video • Participate in contests or sweepstakes • Share on social media • Pair your beer with music • Play a game
  19. Thank You! • Brant Myers – 855-554-6766; info@hoponbeertours.com • Ruby

    Benoit - 833-U-R-CRAFT; ruby@divergentgroupcorp.com • Sarah West – 630-453-2680; sarah@hsbeer.com • Steve Schmidt – 262-646-0114; steve@marketthebrew.com