BMTC19: Marketing the Brewfest

BMTC19: Marketing the Brewfest

Event Marketing: Marketing the Brewfest – Scott Vitale / Ryan Evans, Spigot Labs: There aren’t many things in life that compare to sipping a delicious brew in the sunshine. Beer festivals bring this simple pleasure to all corners of the US and the globe. In 2017 alone, there were over 100 beer-centric events held in just Colorado. It’s no surprise that the festival market is expanding just as quickly as the brewing market itself, which has grown over 700 new breweries in just the US during 2017. With so many events happening, how does a small festival stand out? How can the little guys compete for the best breweries when there are a half dozen competing events on the same weekend? Come learn some of what’s worked, from tasting technology to marketing to staying true to their brewer community.


Zephyr Conferences

March 27, 2019