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WMC19 Lightning Talk: Luciana Braz | WineTalkGroup | Voice Assistants & Wines

WMC19 Lightning Talk: Luciana Braz | WineTalkGroup | Voice Assistants & Wines

This is the opportunity to hear from your fellow attendees. We will have eight speakers, each of whom will have five minutes to present on a subject that is near to his or her heart. The catch is each speaker has to use 20 slides that are set to auto-rotate every 15 seconds, which keeps the talks fast and fun.


Zephyr Conferences

October 12, 2019


  1. Luciana Braz Customer Behavior Specialist International Wine Observer @WineTalkGroup #WineTalk

  2. Do you remember that Moden Signal Grunch Noise? • Voice

    Assistant is now what were Web Sites in the 90’s
  3. Stone Age Wine-Worth Domestic Task You don’t talk with your

    appliances ?!?! smart speaker adoption rose to 26.2% of the 18+ population or 66.4 million users Alexa’s English accents: Australian, Indian, southern U.S., UK Alexa’s Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish
  4. Stone Age Vacuum We’ve been talking to appliances for ages

    It just didn’t laugh at your jocks Kinda annoying… _ Alexa! Clean the floor _ Hey Google! Start cleaning Vacuums the floor and cleans itself afterwards ...just say:
  5. Stone Age iWatch & Temperature Checking ..or you still google

    weather to find a website to go look for your forecast? ºC or F ? _ Hey Google, set Family Room temperature to 70F degrees! Try come back from Brazil in January without remote house temperature control <- is not fun! Remote Temperature Control
  6. Stone Age Music Player

  7. Hey Google, play Clapton ! _Alexa, What movies are on

    today? _Fast and Furious 342 in the AroundTheCornerMOvieTheater at 4pm and 9pm sessions _buy me 2 tickets for the 9 o’clock session _OK. Done
  8. Stone Age List Making and Reading News • Hey Google!

    Add Australian Wine to my Shopping List. • Alexa! Add Australian Wine to my Xmas Gift List.
  9. Voice Shopping is the new Online Shopping • You talk

    with Alexa to find a good Wine for your dinner party • Why not order this Wine on the spot? • Just ask Alexa to deliver it in 2 h …And you’re all set.
  10. Is Alexa the new AOL ? • Back then, you

    had to have a programmer to code your website. A specialized developer. Or a nerd friend... • Now it’s quite similar with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Bixby, Messenger... You’ll need a developer ..or go look for a cool startup to do it all for you ;-) • How about uploading an Excel file and choosing some parameters, without any code? • Persona how we call the Voice Assistance Template. • Skill is how we call Alexa’s APPs
  11. None
  12. USA and Voice Assistant • U.S. smart speaker owners rose

    40% in 2018 to reach 66.4 million with total smart speakers in use rising to 133 million • New smart speaker sales vaulted ownership to 26.2% of U.S. adults, up from less than 20% in 2017 • Amazon Echo maintains a 61% market share among smart speaker owners while Google Home closed the gap by rising 5.5% to a 24% share • Smart speaker ownership is driving more use voice assistants on smartphones
  13. None
  14. Australia and Voice Assistant • There is a lot of

    interest in Australia in new technologies. • Adoption of smartphones in Australia is higher than in most other countries and use of digital payments is around 70% with one of the highest uses of contactless payments in the world according to a study done by Visa. • Australians are adopting smart speakers at a far faster rate than their U.S. counterparts. • Australian smart speaker adoption reached 29% of the adult population compared to about 26% in the U.S. at the end of 2018 • Google Home has established 68% relative smart speaker market share well ahead of Amazon Echo with 14%
  15. Facebook and Instagram are for the 40’s+ Voice Assistant is

    for the young demos Don’t look at the strange bird. Drink it! 45% of millennials today have used voice assistants during the shopping process for product discovery and to find product reviews (CouponFollow’s Millennial Shopping Report 2019, millennials in the U.S. ages 22-37 was conducted in January 2019)*
  16. Why type when you can talk?

  17. • How Smart Is Your Wine Business ? • Alexa!

    Add Australian Wine to my Xmas Gift List. (Alexa answers) Here is a good list to choose from. What do you want? Your wine Her wine. His wine Their wine • Order on the spot the wine you need for the dinner party, as suggested by Alexa. • Send the wine info to the cell phone related to the Google account, with some store suggestions where to buy it.
  18. Hey Google! Open WineTalk • The continued upward trend in

    adoption cannot be overlooked by brands any longer. • The significance of effort and investment by Amazon and Google is supported by user adoption and purchase. • Smart speakers are quickly becoming a dominant tool in everyday life.
  19. Alexa! Enable WineTalk Innovation Innovation Innovation • Be the cool

    pioneer out there. • Link your wine inventory to Alexa Skills and be there when called
  20. <- You spelt WINE wrong!

  21. Luciana Braz Customer Behavior Specialist International Wine Observer. @WineTalkGroup #WineTalk

  22. @WineTalkGroup #WineTalk