Client-centric API development

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March 27, 2014

Client-centric API development

How you should develop your API to bring joy to your users instead of tears and sorrow.



March 27, 2014


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    @almadcz, @apiaryio Lukas Linhart CLIENT-CENTRIC API DEVELOPMENT Hi, I am

    Lukas @almadcz and I work for
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    You may find a quicky clients, but you should know

    what they want before saying no.
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    EXPRESSING INTENT Just write it as you would ask them

    in an e-mail, only with small markdown annotations (actually API Blueprint,
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    USER TESTING This blueprint (via gives you mock server,

    so you can foce your client to start developing.
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    Now you both can make prorotype—not only of API, but

    of the client application. That’s where the dragons lie: in user interaction. That’s where you going to find out about missing fields, bad resources…
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    …and you can iterate. Independently, having versioned text-file to talk

    in, and playing with the design (every client may even have multiple mock versions, sending pull-request after their idea is verified).
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    TDD/BDD DONE RIGHT • Usage of the (web) API first

    • intent - test (serving as documentation) - implement - watch for regressions • …documentation (serving as a test) The point of TDD is not to have test. The point is to think about what the given method should do and how it’s best invoked / used. ! This is the same on API level.
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    DREDD As for the last phase, dredd is a tool

    to verify blueprint is in sync with your implementation. Put this into your CI!
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    Start today and do baby steps. You don’t introduce tests

    into big project by big 100% coverage testing project— you start by covering the things you develop and refactor. ! Start doing this to your API now.
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