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Learning Data Science

Amit Kapoor
February 25, 2017

Learning Data Science

A thoughtful approach for building your Data Science skills and portfolio.

Amit Kapoor

February 25, 2017

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  1. Learning Data Science A thoughtful approach for building your Data

    Science Skills Amit & Bargava
  2. Data Science as a Craft

  3. Art - Craft - Science

  4. craft | krɑːft noun: An activity involving skill in making

    or doing things by hand
  5. How do you learn a craft?

  6. Seek Inspiration

  7. Start with Basics

  8. Do Repetitions

  9. Conduct Deliberate Practice

  10. Focus on Mastery

  11. Learning Data Science Ten guides for skill building

  12. Shailii Understand your learning style. Choose the right approach -

    Hacker v/s Structured. Online v/s Classroom. Self-driven v/s Mentor-driven.
  13. Sangha Find your own community. Most of our learning happens

    through peers. Find a set of data science peers that you can engage with.
  14. Gunas Understand the basics. Start with learning the math &

    statistics needed. Build an intuition on how the algorithms & the libraries work.
  15. Prakerana Learn the data science process Grok the approach to

    problem solving with data - Frame, Acquire, Refine, Transform, Explore, Model & Insight.
  16. Abhyaas Practice, Practice, Practice. Repeat the data science process multiple

    times on different types of problems.
  17. Ruchi Do projects that interest you. Pick from work domain,

    sports, economics, public policy etc. You are more likely to stick through the arduous journey of doing it.
  18. Pradarshan Create a public profile. Share what you do so

    people can connect with you. Create a public portfolio on Github or a blog or website.
  19. Pratikriya Get Feedback. Put your work out there. It could

    be a small analysis, visualisation, a mini-library. Nothing is too small to share.
  20. Rachit Create a Data Science Portfolio. Work on at least

    6 - 8 different projects over the next 1 year to build a portfolio of projects across topics.
  21. Laaya Find your own rhythm. Build and do something every

    day, week or month. Find your own cadence and start creating.
  22. Advice for Beginners

  23. None
  24. Amit Kapoor @amitkaps amitkaps.com Bargava Subramanian @bargava