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Team Jazz – a Liip Team Show about Open Public Service Innovation

Team Jazz – a Liip Team Show about Open Public Service Innovation

Once a year every Liip.ch team visits the other teams on their locations to share some stories and best practices from our daily work. In July 2015 it was team Jazz's turn. We talked about how we innovate public services with a distinct commitment to open (data).

Andreas Amsler

July 13, 2015

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  1. Andreas Amsler Product Owner Timo Bezjak Scrum Master Rita Barracha

    User Experience Bartosz Podlewski Web Developer Stefan Oderbolz Web Developer Jürg Hunziker Web Developer
  2. Projects - 6 Open Data projects - 6 WordPress projects

    - latest Go-Live: data.stadt-zuerich.ch
  3. The Pilot Portal opendata.admin.ch - Go-Live in September 2013 -

    Built with CKAN + Symfony CMF - Collection of diverse federal + canton of Zurich data sources
  4. Iterate epics / stories on Map v1.2 v1.4 - 25

    Stakeholders - 10 Personas - Weekly Workshops - 2 Story Maps - 1 @ Liip-Zurich - 1 @ BAR-Berne v1.6