Continuous Delivery to Cloud Foundry: Why your junior devs will love it

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October 12, 2017

Continuous Delivery to Cloud Foundry: Why your junior devs will love it

How can you take junior developers, hand them the keys to the kingdom, and trust them to deliver features to production for your clients without micromanaging every line of code they push? The answer is easy if you are using tools like Concourse and Cloud Foundry.

Concourse is a tool that allows for automated continuous delivery which also happens to work extremely well with deploying apps to Cloud Foundry.

Speaker Robert Summers recently underwent this journey. He abandoned his career to become a developer through Europe’s leading Web Developer bootcamp and joined Armakuni, a consultancy specialising in cloud-native solutions.

Robert will share some of the challenges that come with entering such a technical field and provide tips for shepherding novices like them into the world of Continuous Delivery and Cloud Foundry.



October 12, 2017


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    Some Background... ▪ Professional developer since November 2016 ▪ No

    previous coding experience (past life was in the insurance industry) ▪ Completed an intensive 3 month coding bootcamp ▪ After about 2 weeks of onboarding, moved on a client project and was assigned features to work on
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    Question? How can you take a coding bootcamp grad and

    get them pushing to master on a client’s app with minimal supervision?
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    Concerns? Senior Dev: Junior Dev: - It takes too long

    to train new developers to do everything - I don’t know how to do everything… yet - They might break the app - I might break the app
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    I want to build Pipelines now! … jobs: - name:

    job-deploy-myapp plan: - {get: resource-myapp, trigger: true} - put: resource-deploy-myapp params: manifest: myapp/manifest.yml path: myapp
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    Continuous Delivery “A software engineering approach in which teams produce

    software in short cycles, ensuring that the software can be reliably released at any time.” --Wikipedia
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    Why do we love it? ▪ Quick to get started

    ▪ Feel productive immediately ▪ Rapid learning due to frequent iteration
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