A Maturity Model for InnerSource

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September 17, 2019

A Maturity Model for InnerSource

Back in 2018, during the ISC in Sttutgart, a discussion about the need for maturity models and a specific version of a maturity model was presented. This model was done by three Spanish companies: Entelgy, Zylk and Bitergia. However this was not actually released to the community, and no advances were presented to the model since then.

This talk will present the very last advances and will release the maturity model to the community to keep advancing in the InnerSource body of knowledge. This presentation will drive the attendees across the several levels, the rational why those levels, and potential metrics of interest to track each level maturity.

The maturity model is still in progress and it is expected to bring the attention of the InnerSource community to have at some point some common agreement about the most important areas of analysis and maturity.



September 17, 2019