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You, the Other Kind of Business Leader

You, the Other Kind of Business Leader

I gave this talk at the 2013 RISD Entrepreneur Mindshare in Providence, RI.

Full writeup here: http://www.newfangled.com/you_the_other_kind_of_business_leader


Christopher Butler

October 19, 2013


  1. You, the other kind of business leader Christopher Butler Newfangled.com

  2. None
  3. Let go of entrepreneurship. Focus on having an impact. 1

  4. Learn to perceive opportunity. 2

  5. Experimentation results in being wrong... 3 ...which is why you

    do it!
  6. Severity of Problem Need for Experimentation

  7. Be platform-agnostic. 4

  8. Resist the container! ...and even the appearance of the container.

  9. Learn to cooperate. 6

  10. Get comfortable with uncertainty. 7

  11. 8 Know yourself.

  12. Thanks for listening. chris@newfangled.com | @chrbutler Stay in touch!