Card UI & Progressive Web Apps

Card UI & Progressive Web Apps

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On the mobile application development front, the pendulum is finally swinging back to Open Web platform. While the Death of the App Store is probably a premature pronouncement, the Rebirth of the Mobile Web is definitively already well on its way. This new vision of the mobile web is clearly trumpet by Google under the moniker of Progressive Web Apps (PWA), which leverages the new mobile browser features to allow apps to load instantly, securely, and scrumptiously. There are many examples of PWAs that match the capability of native app, and by nature of the launch by a simple URL, exceeds the convenience of a native app counterpart.

Getting a web app added to a home screen is, however, only one way to get users into your application experience. And it may not be the best one. With mobile screen time increasingly and overwhelmingly spent within top 25 social or messaging apps, app developers needs to figure out how to tailor their Open Web app experience within the embedded web browsers of these dominant networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, or even Slack.

Chris Tse, the founding director of CardStack and CTO of Monegraph, will show how app developers can apply Card UI patterns and architecture to optimize their mobile web apps for this new world. where embedding within the user’s daily workflow is more fruitful than begging to be installed. Chris will present a card-based application lifecycle and rubric that developers can reference to modularize their web application into card-sized bits, so that the pertinent, syndicated “cards” load instantly when opened with a simple sharable link, while deeper features are lazily and progressive loaded as the user are drawn deeper into a more explorative experience. Give the user what they want quickly, and you may just earn the “Add the Home Screen” tap.

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Chris Tse

July 09, 2016