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DCxNYC 2017 - CVP's Nine Tips for Pleasant Email

DCxNYC 2017 - CVP's Nine Tips for Pleasant Email


Chris Van Patten

May 24, 2017


  1. THE CVP (9 tips for pleasant email)

  2. None
  3. SEPARATE INBOXES (For work, junk, and personal emails)

  4. SEND + ARCHIVE (For inbox sanitation and cleanliness)

  5. None
  6. KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS (J, K, and E are your new best

    friends. Sorry, Billy)
  7. None
  8. LABELS (Better organisation, better you)

  9. None
  10. FILTERS (Because manually applying labels is for dorks)

  11. None
  12. None
  13. UNDO SEND (You shouldn’t have sent that email after all

    those margaritas)
  14. RIGHT INBOX (It’s 2017; who needs a good memory?)

  15. CONTACTUALLY (Follow-ups can be fun… or at least easy)

  16. MISSIVE (Sharing [your workload] is caring [for your sanity])