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Making Connections Visible: How to Defrag your Value Stream

Making Connections Visible: How to Defrag your Value Stream

How many different siloes is your organization at the mercy of? How much time theft occurs from chasing down information across disparate systems? Discovering what’s going on and where things are at is a challenge when work flows are disconnected.
Connecting the missing links across the value stream reveals the elusive big picture. This talk addresses the challenges of a fragmented value stream and reveals how to improve your organization’s alignment and performance with a spotlight on connectivity.


Dominica DeGrandis

October 23, 2018

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  1. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Making Connections Visible: How to Defrag your Value

    Stream . Dominica DeGrandis Director, Digital Transformation
  2. ddegrandis.com @dominicad 3 THINGS CUSTOMERS GRUMBLE ABOUT • Things takes

    too long • The progress of work is invisible • Key info lost during handoffs
  3. ddegrandis.com @dominicad “Things take too long” is a universal problem

    work request How many of you get work intake requests via email? Disconnects in communication interferes with collaboration & delays delivery
  4. ddegrandis.com @dominicad WHAT’S THE POINT? A defragged value stream improves

    flow Value Stream: all activities done to plan, design, build & deliver items that provides biz value The hardest thing we do is communicate across teams.
  5. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Flow is the 1st way of DevOps •

    Make work visible • Limit WIP • Reduce batch size Flow: value pulled thru a value stream smoothly & predictably
  6. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Complexity drives necessary specialization Key point #1

  7. ddegrandis.com @dominicad • Speech therapist • Physical Therapist • Occupational

    therapist • Neurologist Primary care physician is the first stop.
  8. ddegrandis.com @dominicad https://www.sbstherapycenter.com/kamele-age-9

  9. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Heterogeneity that improves the flow of business value

    by supporting the needs of specialized stakeholders. Essential Complexity "The complexity of software is an essential property, not an accidental one. Hence, descriptions of a software entity that abstract away its complexity often abstracts away its essence.” Fred Brooks. (Author - The Mythical Man Month)
  10. ddegrandis.com @dominicad The PCI Audit • Project manager calls weekly

    meeting to “coordinate” the work. • PM doesn’t understand all the technical details. • Developer doesn’t have visibility into the security tool • Storage engineer doesn’t see the vulnerabilities in network devices.
  11. ddegrandis.com @dominicad 53,308 security incidents, 2,216 data breaches, 2,216 https://www.verizonenterprise.com/resources/report

    s/rp_DBIR_2018_Report_execsummary_en_xg.pdf Allocate capacity for security
  12. ddegrandis.com @dominicad https://medium.com/signal-sciences-labs/securitys-shift-right-b3448cb94fc9 DevSecOps Community Survey results

  13. ddegrandis.com @dominicad “The more we scale, the more we need

    specialized people. The growing division of labor in IT results in the specialization” ~ Mik Kersten
  14. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Specialization causes expensive disconnects Key point #2

  15. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Healthcare Delivery Roadmap

  16. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Adenosine* heart stress test Healthcare costs from disconnect

    workflow Dr’s orders: “No caffeine 24 hours prior to test.” Nurse: “Would you like some coffee?” https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/study_suggests_medical_errors_now_third_leading_cause_of_death_in_the_us US medical errors cause > 250k deaths/yr, 3rd leading cause of death * pharmaceutical used to assess blood flow to the heart. Pharmacy tech handed nuclear medicine tech wrong stuff. Instead of heart tracker injection the Dr ordered, my mom was injected with a bone tracker. oops! oops!
  17. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Software Delivery Roadmap

  18. ddegrandis.com @dominicad • Unhappy employees • Unhappy customers • Things

    take too long • Inaccurate data • Bad estimates IT costs from disconnected workflow Cost center or profit center?
  19. ddegrandis.com @dominicad If you don’t address problems related to complexity

    & specialization someone will exploit it. It’s already happening. Key point #3
  20. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Jan. 30. Amazon announces collaboration with Berkshire Hathaway

    & JPMorgan to launch a company aimed at cutting healthcare costs for their U.S. employees. Shares of other healthcare companies plummet shortly after the announcement. Feb. 13. Sources familiar with Amazon's plans say it is pushing to turn its medical supplies business into a major supplier to U.S. hospitals and outpatient clinics. The idea is to establish a one-stop-shop for health systems. March 21. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office grants Amazon a new patent for a delivery drone that can respond to human gestures. This is not Amazon's only patent to expand its air delivery service. Experts say this delivery service may disrupt supply chains across all industries. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/finance/amazon-jpmorgan-and-berkshire-hathaway-to-launch-healthcare-company-6-things-to-know.html https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/healthcare-information-technology/here-s-what-we-know-about-amazon-s-foray-into-healthcare.html Healthcare Disruption
  21. ddegrandis.com @dominicad 53,308 security incidents, 2,216 data breaches, Technology Disruption

  22. ddegrandis.com @dominicad consolidation, replication, and strangle approach. The reality of

    the situation
  23. ddegrandis.com @dominicad consolidation, replication, and strangle approach. epics reqs features

    stories defects test cases incidents problems vulnerabilities Rfc’s gantt charts ryg rpts time sheets “Tool confusion fights occur due to inability to share knowledge, understand work capacity and improve workflow.” - Scott Prugh
  24. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Fortune 100: 34k employees, $200+ billion in total

    assets https://techbeacon.com/lesson-agile-how-one-team-ended-dependency-delays Flow of info across diff teams work management systems was slow. Hard to collaborate - created overhead & errors during handoffs.
  25. ddegrandis.com @dominicad 8 weeks cut out of software delivery Flow

    Time Visible Connections, flow metrics & clearly defined priorities. https://techbeacon.com/lesson-agile-how-one-team-ended-dependency-delays
  26. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Synchronize features & reqs from Business demand to

    Dev planning. Revenue Generation Demand work item
  27. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Synchronize info in vulnerabilities and failures from security

    directly to Dev. Revenue Protection Demand
  28. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Make Connections Visible • Connect the dots •

    Start with 2–3 handoffs work item
  29. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Make Connections Visible • Connect the dots •

    Start with 2–3 handoffs • Synchronize important info • Discover bottlenecks
  30. ddegrandis.com @dominicad • Improve flow time • visibility of progress

    • Traceability of info from handoffs BENEFITS
  31. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Synchronize Coordination Make Visible

  32. ddegrandis.com @dominicad Email: dominica@SendYourSlides.com Subject: flow To receive: • copy

    of this presentation deck • excerpts of Making Work Visible • Tasktop video on JIRA/SN tool integration • Forrester article: Agile-Plus-DevOps With Value Stream Management • IT Rev paper: Overcoming inefficiencies in work mgmt. systems