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VISASQ's Culture Book

November 01, 2023

VISASQ's Culture Book

This culture book explains VISASQ's vision, mission, and values.


November 01, 2023

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  1. ஌ݟͱɺ ௅ઓΛͭͳ͙ ࢲͨͪ͸ɺ૊৫ɺੈ୅ɺ஍ҬΛ͸͡Ίͱ͢Δ͋ΒΏΔ োนΛ௒͑ɺ༷ʑͳϛογϣϯͱੈքதͷ஌ݟΛ࠷΋ ޮՌతʹͭͳ͙άϩʔόϧϓϥοτϑΥʔϜΛ૑Γɺ ΑΓྑ͍ະདྷ΁ߩݙ͠·͢ 1 Culture Book We

    make insightful connections possible between global leaders and people with expertise To build a better future through a global platform that reduces barriers and enables the direct exchange of mission-critical knowledge 2 Culture Book
  2. ୺Ӌ͔Βͷखࢴ 2022 ೥ 7 ݄ 1 ೔ ୺Ӌ ӳࢠ ʮ૊৫ɺੈ୅ɺ஍ҬΛ͸͡Ίͱ͢Δ͋ΒΏΔোนΛ௒͑ɺ༷ʑͳϛογϣϯͱੈքதͷ஌ݟΛ࠷΋ޮՌత

    ʹͭͳ͙άϩʔόϧϓϥοτϑΥʔϜΛ૑ΓɺΑΓྑ͍ະདྷ΁ߩݙ͢Δʯ ͜ͷେ͖ͳϏδϣϯΛ࣮ݱ͢ΔͨΊʹɺࢲͨͪ͸༷ʑͳεΩϧɺ༷ʑͳόοΫάϥ΢ϯυΛ࣋ͭ༏लͳ஥ؒ ͕ू͍ɺ௅ઓ͢Δڧ͍૊৫Λ૑Γ·͢ɻ ͦ͜ʹ͸ɺ“ ܾͯ͠ͿΕͳ͍Ձ஋؍ͷڞ༗ʹΧϧνϟʔ” ͕ඞཁͰ͢ɻ ͜ͷΧϧνϟʔϒοΫΛ௨ͯ͡ɺࢲ͕ͨͪେ੾ʹ͠ɺ͍ͭ΋఻͑߹͏ࢥ͍Λɺݴ༿ʹ࢒͠·͢ɻ ϏβεΫ͸೔ຊͷಇ͖ํ վ ֵ ɺ ੈ ք తͳίϩφՒͱ͍͏େ͖ͳࣾ ձ ม Խ ͷதͰɺεϙοτίϯαϧɺ ηϧϑϚονϯάࣜͷϏβεΫliteɺΤΩεύʔταʔϕΠɺϏβεΫpartnerͳͲଟ༷ͳ஌ݟऔҾΛ։ൃ ͠ɺݸਓͷ׆༂ػձΛ޿͍͛ͯ·͢ɻENSۀքͰੈքॳͷ্৔اۀͱͳΓɺϓϩϑΣογϣφϧϑΝʔϜ ʹͱͬͯͷॏཁͳύʔτφʔʹͳΔͱͱ΋ʹɺΠϊϕʔγϣϯ૑ग़΍DXਪਐͳͲɺࣄۀձࣾͷ༷ʑͳ՝୊ ͷԾઆߏஙɺݕূɺ ҙࢥܾఆΛࢧ͑͸͡Ί͍ͯ·͕͢ɺજࡏχʔζͷେ͖͞ʹର͠ɺ·ͩ·ͩۀք͸࢝·ͬ ͨ͹͔ΓͰ͢ɻ৳ͼ୅͔͠ͳ͍ɻ ͞Βʹ2021೥11݄͔Β͸Coleman Research Group ͕ࣾ஥ؒʹՃΘΓɺ ࢲͨͪͷ஌ݟσʔλϕʔε͸ Ұؾʹάϩʔόϧ45ສਓ௒΁ͱ֦େ͠ɺ೔ຊɺγϯΨϙʔϧɺถࠃɺΠΪϦεɺ߳ߓ͔Βɺݴޠɺ஍Ҭ Λ௒͑ͯɺඞཁͳ஌ݟ΁ͷΞΫηεΛఏڙͰ͖ΔΑ͏ʹͳΓ·ͨ͠ɻ ੈքதͷ஥ؒ΁ɺࢲͨͪͷڧΈΛ࠷େݶ׆͔͠ɺੈքதͷΫϥΠΞϯτʹରͯ͠ɺѹ౗తͳ଎͞ɺϐϯ ϙΠϯτ͞Ͱଟ༷ͳ஌ݟΛϚονϯά͠Α ͏ɻࠓ·Ͱʹͳ͍ਂ͞ɺߋ৽ස౓Ͱ஌ݟ͕஝ੵ͞Εɺ׆༻͞ΕΔ σʔλϕʔεΛߏங͠Α͏ɻߴ͍੒௕Λଓ͚ΔۀքͷதͰ΋ɺΑΓߴ͘੒௕͍ͯ͜͠͏ɻ ϏβεΫΛ૑ۀ͢Δʹ͋ͨΓӨڹΛड͚ͨ΋ͷͷҰͭʹɺΞοϓϧͷ૑ۀऀͰ͋ΔεςΟʔϒ ɾδϣϒζࢯ ͕ελϯϑΥʔυେֶଔۀࣜͰߦͬͨ༗໊ͳεϐʔν“ Connecting the dots” ͕͋Γ·͢ɻ ࢲ ͕օͱ ͱ΋ʹ໨ࢦ͢΋ͷ͸ɺ ݸਓΛ௒͑ͯɺ ࣾձશମͰ Connecting the dots Λ࣮ݱ͢ΔϓϥοτϑΥʔϜͰ͢ɻ ͍͔ͭԿ͔ʹͭͳ͕Δͱ৴ͯ͡௅ઓ͢Δਓ ͕૿͑Δɺ࣍ʑͱੜ·ΕΔDots ͕஌ݟͱͯ͠୭͔ͷ௅ઓʹ ͭͳ͕Γ੒ޭΛࢧ͑ΔɺͦΜͳࣾձΛɺϏβεΫΛ௨࣮ͯ͡ݱ͠Α͏ ʂ 3 Culture Book To realize our great vision, to build a better future through a global platform that reduces barriers and enables the direct exchange of mission-critical knowledge, we form a strong organization where talented people with diverse skills and backgrounds gather and take initiatives. We need to share a strong set of values that will never waver, and those values will become our culture. Through this culture book, we leave in words the thoughts we value and always communicate with each other. With the background of drastic social changes such as the work style reform in Japan and the global Covid-19 pandemic, VISASQ has developed various ways to utilize knowledge and expand opportunities for individuals. We became the first publicly listed ENS player globally, have become a good partner of consulting firms and financial institutes, and are beginning to support our corporate clients for innovation, DX, and others. We will do much more, because the industry itself has only just begun, compared to the size of the potentials. Coleman Research Group have joined us in November 2021, and we have expanded our database with over 450,000 experts globally, providing immediate access to the knowledge supporting from Japan, Singapore, the US, UK, and Hong Kong with multi-language and 24-hour coverage. So, all, wherever you locate, let’s take full advantage of our strengths to connect diverse knowledge with outstanding speed and accuracy to clients around the world. Let’s build a database that accumulates knowledge with unprecedented depth and frequency and leverage it at maximum potential. Let’s grow higher in this growing industry. One of my influences when I started VISASQ was the famous “ Connecting the dots” speech given by Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, at the Stanford University commencement. With all of you, I want to create a platform that connects the dots in entire society, beyond the individual. Let’s create a society where more and more people take on challenges believing that one day it will lead to something, and where the dots will lead to someone else's challenge as knowledge and support their success! Letter from Eiko July 1st, 2022 Eiko Hashiba 4 Culture Book
  3. ஍Ҭͷนɺ จԽ΍ݴޠͷน͕͋Δͱ͜Ζʹͦ͜ɺ ஌ݟΛͭͳ͙͜ͱʹେ͖ͳՁ஋͕ੜ·Ε·͢ɻ ࢲͨͪ͸ॳΊ͔ΒੈքΛݟ͍ͯ·͢ɻ ݴޠͷนʹकΒΕ͍ͯΔؒʹɺ·ͣ೔ຊͷސ٬ͱΤΩεύʔτΛ࠷଎Ͱ֫ಘ͢Ε͹ɺੈքͰ ઓ͏େ͖ͳ෢ثʹͳΓ·͢ɻ೔ຊى఺Ͱ͋Δ͜ͱ͸ɺࢲͨͪʹ͔͠ͳ͍ڧΈͰ͢ɻੈք࠷େࢢ৔ Ͱ͋Δถࠃʹ͓͚Δڧݻͳج൫΋ɺάϩʔόϧτοϓΛ໨ࢦ͢ඞਢͷ෢ثͰ͢ɻੈքͰઓ͏ ͨΊʹɺڧΈΛ͞Βʹຏ͖ɺϑϧʹ׆͔ͦ͏ɻ ͦͷ͏͑Ͱɺ ੈքதͷ஥ؒͨͪͱɺ

    ੈքʹಧ͚ΒΕΔϓϩμΫτΛ໨ࢦͦ͏ɻ ࠷େଟ਺ͷϢʔβʔ ʹ࠷େݶαʔϏεΛ࢖͍͚ͬͯͨͩΔΑ͏ͳɺγϯϓϧͳػೳɺ௚ײతͳUIɺ࣌ࠩ΍ݴޠͷ นΛ৐Γӽ͑Δ༷ʑͳ޻෉ɺΈΜͳͰ஌ܙΛߜΖ͏ɻ ͻͱΓͻͱΓ͕େ͖ͳࢹ఺Ͱ೔ʑͷۀ຿ʹऔΓ૊Ή͜ͱͰɺҰݟάϩʔόϧʹؔ܎ͳͦ͞͏ʹ ݟ͑ΔͲΜͳখ͞ͳ౒ྗ΋શͯɺੈքʹͭͳ͕Γ·͢ɻ ॳΊ͔ΒੈքΛݟΑ͏ VALUE 1 5 Culture Book We will achieve our collective goals by reducing geographic, cultural and language barriers and making insightful connections possible everywhere. We will become the global leader by continuously building upon our market-leading positions in Japan and the United States with a global mindset to apply the lessons learned in our domestic markets to further expand our presence into local markets throughout the world. This geographic platform expansion will further strengthen our market-leading positions and accelerate our global growth. By combining easy-to-use applications, instinctive UI, multi-lingual service and 24-hour coverage with support from our colleagues all over the world, we will deliver optimal products and operations to our clients. Every employee can contribute to our global aspirations by thinking big. Every effort we make contributes to becoming a global leader, no matter how small it may seem at first glance. Think Big, Think Global VALUE 1 6 Culture Book
  4. ҰྲྀͰ͋Δ͜ͱʹͩ͜ΘΔ VALUE 2 ࢲͨͪΛ௨ͯ͡஌ݟΛඞཁͱ͢Δਓ͸ɺϏδωε՝୊ͷղܾʹਅ݋ʹऔΓ૊ΉਓͰ͢ɻ ࢲͨͪΛ௨ͯ͡ఏڙ͞ΕΔ஌ݟ͸ɺͻͱΓͻͱΓ͕ಇ͍ͨྺ࢙͕ͭ·ͬͨͱͯ΋وॏͳܦݧ஌ Ͱ͢ɻ ࢲͨͪͷϢʔβʔ͸ɺ৴པײΛٻΊ͍ͯ·͢ɻ ͔ͩΒͦ͜Ϛονϯάͷਫ਼౓͸΋ͪΖΜɺίϛϡχέʔγϣϯͷஸೡ͞ɺUI/UX ͷશͯʹ ͓͍ͯɺҰྲྀͰ͋Δ͜ͱʹͩ͜ΘΖ͏ɻ

    ੈքͷҰྲྀͱݴΘΕΔνʔϜɾϓϩμΫτɾαʔϏε ͱࣗ෼ୡΛൺ΂ɺৗʹษڧ͠ଓ͚Α͏ɻΫΦϦςΟ΁ͷͩ͜ΘΓ͕৴པײΛ࢈Έɺߴ୯Ձɺ ߴϚʔδϯͷڧ͍ϏδωεϞσϧʹ΋ͭͳ͕Γ·͢ɻ ҰྲྀͩͱڳΛுͬͯݴ͑ͳ͍΋ͷ͸ɺࢲͨͪʹ͓͍ͯ͸ࡶԻͰ͢ɻ Ϣʔβʔ͕ਅʹٻΊΔՁ஋Λγϟʔϓʹఏڙ͠ɺࡶԻ͸औΓআ͜͏ɻ 7 Culture Book Our clients tackle serious business issues, and our experts share mission-critical insights gained from experience over the course of their careers. To gain their trust, we commit to providing the highest quality services and support that will meet or exceed their expectations for reliability. No matter what your role or function, strive for excellence, whether it’s the accuracy of expert matching, how we communicate, our software applications, or something else. Gather best practices and apply lessons learned to constantly improve and innovate. Ultimately, we believe our intense focus on quality fosters trust and leads to better returns. Let’ s delight our clients and experts with our commitment to quality and our ability to consistently deliver the true value they are looking for. Commit to Excellence VALUE 2 8 Culture Book
  5. ϏδϣϯΛ࣮ݱ͢ΔͨΊʹɺࢲͨͪ͸ѹ ౗ తͳҰ൪Λ໨ࢦ͠·͢ɻϓϥοτϑΥʔϜϏδωε Ͱ1 ൪ͱ2 ൪͸Ӣటͷ͔ࠩͩΒɺউ͔ͭ͠ͳ͍ɻ طʹ͋Δڝ߹ʹ΋ɺ·ͩݟ͵ڝ߹ʹ΋উͭͨΊʹɺνʔϜͱϏδωε͕࠷଎Ͱ੒௕͢Δʹ͸ Կ͕ඞཁ͔ߟ͑ɺશྗΛ஫͍Ͱ͍ͩ͘͞ɻҰͭҰͭΛ൑அ͢Δࡍɺѹ౗తͳҰ൪Λ࠷଎Ͱ ࣮ݱ͢Δͷ͔ɺ উͯΔͷ͔Λߟ͍͑ͯͩ͘͞ɻࡢ೔ܾΊͨ͜ͱΛࠓ೔ม͑ͯҰؾʹಈ͚ΔΑ͏ͳɺ

    ελʔτΞοϓΒ͍͠มԽ͢Δڧ͞ΛɺνʔϜ͕ͲΕ͚ͩେ͖͘ͳͬͯ΋େࣄʹ͠Α͏ɻ มԽʹલͷΊΓɻपғΛѹ౗͢ΔલͷΊΓ͞Ͱɺѹ౗తͳҰ൪ΛୣΓʹߦ͜͏ɻ ѹ౗తͳҰ൪ʹͳΔ VALUE 3 9 Culture Book Competition is tough in all markets. We will win by being first, fast and the best. Let’s all give our maximum effort to what matters most and leads to the fastest growth of our team and business. Our entrepreneurial culture enables us to move quickly from what we thought best yesterday to what we believe best today, without hesitating to adapt and change. There is a big difference in our industry between being #1 and #2. With our winning mentality, let’s make the first moves and show others how we embrace change to be the best. Let’s aim to become the absolute leader together. Be the Absolute Leader VALUE 3 10 Culture Book
  6. ࠷଎Ͱ੒௕͢ΔͨΊʹ͸ɺສ෺͔Βݠڏʹֶͼɺ࠷଎Ͱࢼߦࡨޡ͢ΔΜͰ͢ɻ ೥ྸ΋ɺ֊૚΋ɺॴଐ΋ؔ܎ͳ͍ɻ՝୊ͷຊ࣭Λ஌ΔͨΊʹɺͨΊΒΘͣʹฉ͘͜ͱ͔Β ࢝Ί͍ͯͩ͘͞ɻ࠷ྑ ͷ ղܾํ๏Λ୳Γɺ ࣮ ݱ͢ΔͨΊʹɺॿ͚Λޤ͏͜ͱΛ͍ͱΘͳ͍ Ͱ͍ͩ͘͞ɻؒҧ͍΍վળ఺Λࢦఠͯ͠΋Β͑ͨΒૉ௚ʹೝΊΑ͏ɻਖ਼࿦͗͢Δͱ͔จ຺͕ ෼͔ͬͯͳ͍͸ͨͩͷݴ͍༁ɻࢦ ఠ͞Εͳͯ͘΋஌ͬͯΔͱࢥ͏͙Β͍ͳΒࢦఠ͞ΕΔલʹ

    ௚ͦ͏ɻ ϓϥΠυ΁ͷԕྀ΋Ϋι͔ͩΒࣺͯΑ͏ɻ͜͜Ͱ΋ɺ೥ྸ΋ɺ֊૚΋ɺॴଐ΋ؔ܎ͳ͍ɻ ԕྀͳ͍ٞ࿦ΛੵۃతʹɻͰ΋୯ͳΔ൷൑Ͱ͸ͳ͘ݐઃతͳҙݟɾΞυόΠεʹͳΔΑ͏ʹ ৺͕͚ͯɻࣗ਎ͷ஌ࣝͱٕज़Λ੯͠·ͣڞ༗͠Α͏ɻ ΋͠νϟϨϯδࣦͯ͠ഊͨ͠ΒɺࣦഊΛೝΊͯɺֶΜͰɺ࠷଎Ͱ࠶νϟϨϯδ͢ΔΜͰ͢ɻ ࡢ೔ΑΓࠓ೔͸લʹਐΊ͔ͨʁ ࠷଎ͷֶͼΛɺ੒௕Λअຐ͢ΔϓϥΠ υ͸Ϋιͩɻ ϓϥΠ υ ͸Ϋιͩ VALUE 4 11 Culture Book To achieve our company goals and to grow quickly, all of us – from our CEO to fresh grads – need to learn continuously and apply what we learn to reach the best outcomes. Continuous learning starts with a mindset of being curious and checking our ego at the door. It’s about taking chances, asking questions, seeking help and sharing knowledge. It often takes courage to try something new with the chance that it may fail. We need to learn together regardless of seniority, hierarchy, role or team. Push yourself to be courageous and keep learning as fast as possible and as much as possible. Open Our Minds VALUE 4 12 Culture Book
  7. ࢲͨͪ͸ٸ੒௕ͯ͠͸͍·͕͢ɺ·ͩ·ͩҰ෦ͷ஌Δਓͧ஌ΔαʔϏεͰ͢ɻ ޿ΊΔखஈ͸ϚʔέςΟϯά΍Ӧۀ͚ͩͰ͸͋Γ·ͤΜɻ֤ʑ͕ߩݙͰ͖Δ͜ͱ΋ SNS΁ͷ γΣΞ͚ͩͰ͸͋Γ·ͤΜ ʢͦΕ΋େࣄͰ͢ ʂ ʣ ɻ ϏβεΫ͕ͨ͘͞Μͷਓʹ࢖ͬͯ΋Β͑ΔΑ͏ʹͳΔͨΊʹҰ൪େࣄͳ͜ͱ͸ɺࢲͨͪҰਓ Ұਓ͕ʮࣗ෼͕ϏβεΫΛ޿Ί͍ͯΔʯ

    ͱຊؾͷ౰ࣄऀҙ ࣝΛ࣋ͭ͜ͱͰ͢ɻͦͷ͏͑Ͱ ɺ Ұॹʹಇ͘஥ؒɺސ٬ɺΤΩεύʔτʹਅ伨ʹ޲͖߹͑͹ɺ൴Β͕ͦ͜ϏβεΫΛ޿ΊΔ Brand Ambassadorʹͳͬͯ͘Ε·͢ɻ ޿ΊΔ౒ྗ͸શһ͕Ͱ͖ΔɻͦΕͧΕͷ໾ׂ͔Β஌ܙΛߜΓɺҙݟʹࣖΛ܏͚ɺΞΠσΟΞΛ ڞ༗͠ɺকདྷͷ Brand Ambassadorʹ࠷ߴͷମݧΛఏڙ͠Α͏ɻ ͦ͏ͨ͠౒ྗΛੵΈॏͶΕ͹ɺࢲͨͪ͸ɺސ٬ީิʹ΋ɺΤΩεύʔτީิʹ΋ɺͦͯ͠஥ؒ ީิʹ΋޿͘஌ΒΕɺҰ൪ʹબ͹ΕΔଘࡏʹͳΕ·͢ɻ ޿ΊΔ౒ྗ͸શһͰ VALUE 5 13 Culture Book We are fast-growing, but we know we can continuously improve our brand recognition. All of us reflect our brand and reputation with every interaction with our colleagues, clients and experts. All three of these groups are potential brand ambassadors, and they need to be understood, respected and recognized. Listen closely and share ideas to provide the best experience to all brand ambassadors. Ultimately, everyone’s efforts can lead us to become known as the best choice for prospective clients, experts and fellow team members. Elevate Our Brand VALUE 5 14 Culture Book
  8. ࣗ༝Λ͍֮ࣗͯ͠Δ͔ VALUE 6 ϏδϣϯɺϛογϣϯɺόϦϡʔΛશһ͕ڞ༗͠ɺಉ͡ํ޲Λ޲͍ͯ࠷େݶίϛοτͰ͖ͯ ͍Δͱ͍͏͜ͱɻͦͷ৴པؔ܎ʹجͮ͘ ʮ੹೚͋Δࣗ༝ʯ Λࢲͨͪ͸େࣄʹ͠·͢ɻ ʮߦಈ͢Δ͔ɺ ͠ͳ͍͔ʯ ʮҰา౿Έग़͔͢ɺग़͞ͳ͍͔ʯ

    ʮൃ৴͢Δ͔ɺ ͠ͳ͍͔ʯ ɻ೔ʑ ҰͭҰͭͷΞΫγϣϯΛ࠾Δ΋࠾Βͳ͍΋ɺݸਓͷࣗ༝ͱͦͷ֮ࣗʹҕͶΒΕ͍ͯ·͢ɻ ࣗ෼ͷ༐ؾͱ൑அ͕ࢼ͞Ε͍ͯΔͷͰ͢ɻͰ΋ɺࢲ͕ͨͪԿΛ໨ࢦ͠ԿΛ࣮ݱ͍ͨ͠ͷ͔ʹ ཱͪฦΕ͹ɺࣗͣͱߦಈͰ͖Δ͸ͣͰ͢ɻࢲୡͷલʹ͸ɺԕྀ΋੍໿΋ͳ͍ͷ͔ͩΒɻ ༩͑ΒΕ͍ͯΔࣗ༝ΛɺࢲୡͷϛογϣϯͷͨΊʹਖ਼͘͠ߦ࢖Ͱ͖͍ͯΔ͔ɻ ࣗ༝Λ͍֮ࣗͯ͠Δ͔ɻ 15 Culture Book Our organization is built on a foundation of trust with our shared vision, mission and values and commitment to move forward in the same direction. This foundation creates an environment where we are empowered to act with integrity, using our best judgment to help us achieve our goals. Ownership and accountability go hand in hand with flexibility and open, honest communication. Every member of our organization is empowered to speak up and share their ideas, using our shared goals and values as a guide. Embrace Accountability VALUE 6 16 Culture Book
  9. ҧ͍͸ڧ͞ɺڞʹ૑Δ VALUE 7 ࢲͨͪ͸ɺνʔϜɺ෦໳ɺ஍ҬͳͲɺࣾ಺ͷ͋ΒΏΔนΛӽ͑ͯڠಇ͠ɺૉ੖Β͍͠੒Ռ Λ࣮ݱͰ͖Δɺଟ༷ੑ͋Δ૊৫Ͱ͢ɻ ·ͣɺޓ͍ͷҧ͍ΛೝΊɺϦεϖΫτ͠ɺड͚ೖΕΑ͏ɻͦΕ͸ਅͷڠಇ΁ͷୈҰาͩ͠ɺ وॏͳؾ͖ͮ͸͑ͯͯ͠ɺҟͳΔࢹ఺Λ࣋ͭ஥ؒͱ΍ΓͱΓ͢ΔதͰੜ·ΕΔ΋ͷͰ͢ɻ શମͷ੒ޭʹରͯ͠ޓ͍ʹ੹೚Λ࣋ͱ͏ɻݾΛ௒͑ɺશࣾ໨ઢͷϕετΛߟ͑Α͏ɻ νʔϜΛ௒͑ͯɺੵۃతʹ৽͍͠ϝϯόʔʹ੠Λ͔͚ɺՄೳੑΛ௥ٻ͠Α͏ɻ ੒௕Λ્Ήࣾ಺ͷ͋ΒΏΔোนΛͱͬͺΒͬͯڠಇͰ͖Δ͜ͱ͸ࢲͨͪͷڧ͞Ͱ͢ɻϏδϣϯ

    ͱϛογϣϯΛୡ੒͢ΔͨΊʹɺ͜ͷڧ͞Λ͍͔Μͳ͘ൃش͠Α͏ɻ 17 Culture Book We are stronger together. We are a diverse organization capable of accomplishing amazing things when we collaborate across teams, departments and regions, overcoming any internal barriers. Recognize, respect and embrace our differences, as this is the first step for achieving true collaboration. Valuable insights often emerge from interactions with colleagues with uniquely different perspectives. Let’s hold ourselves and each other accountable for our shared success. Think beyond yourself and do what’s best to help us achieve our vision. Be proactive, reach out to someone new and explorer what’s possible. How we collaborate and remove internal barriers to grow our business is a key differentiator for us and essential for achieving our vision and mission. Collaborate without Boundaries VALUE 7 18 Culture Book
  10. 3৭Ͱͭͳ͕ΔγϯϘϧ͸ɺ஌ݟͱ௅ઓͷ࿈ͳΓΛඳ͍͍ͯ·͢ɻ ϏβεΫͷMissionͰ͋Δ “ ஌ݟͱɺ௅ઓΛͭͳ͙” ʢMake insightful connections possibleʣ ͷ৅௃Ͱ͢ɻ ࢖ΘΕ͍ͯΔ3৭͸ɺBrand

    PersonalityΛ΋ͱʹܾΊΒΕ͓ͯΓɺͦΕͧΕͷ৭ʹҙຯ͕ ͋Γ·͢ɻ·ͨɺΧϥʔͷൺ཰΋ॏཁͳҙຯΛ͍࣋ͬͯ·͢ɻɹ γϯϘϧͱΧϥʔ͕ҙຯ͢Δ΋ͷ 19 Culture Book ஌ੑ - Sage ਅཧɾਅ࣮ͷൃݟΛٻΊΔ ৴೦ - Hero ࣾձΛΑΓΑ͘͢Δ ୳ࡧ - Explorer ৽͍͠ಓΛ੾Γ୓͍͍ͯ͘ ୳ࡧ Explorer ৴೦ Hero ஌ੑ Sage ௅ઓ Challenge ஌ݟ Insight ஌ݟ Insight ஌ݟ Insight ະདྷ Future ະདྷ΁ͱ޲͔͏ “Insightful Connections”ɹ ࢲ͕ͨͪେ੾ʹ͍ͯ͠Δϒϥϯυͷத֩ɺMissionɺVisionɺValueΛجʹ ɾϏβεΫͱ͍͏૊৫͸ԿऀͰɺͲΜͳΧϧνϟʔΛ͍࣋ͬͯΔͷ͔ʁ ɾΫϥΠΞϯτ΍ΤΩεύʔτͷํʑʹఏڙ͍ͯ͠Δຊ࣭తͳՁ஋͸ԿͳͷͩΖ͏ ʁ ɾͦ͏ͨ͠εςʔΫϗϧμʔͱͲͷΑ͏ʹ઀͍ͯ͘͠΂͖͔ʁ ͜ͷΑ͏ͳ໰͍Λઃܭ͠ɺܦӦਞ΁ͷΠϯλϏϡʔ΍ϫʔΫγϣοϓΛॏͶ ʰValue Propositionʱ ʰBrand Personalityʱ ʰDesign Driversʱ Λநग़͠·ͨ͠ɻ Brand Core 50% 30% 15% 5% Mission Internal Communication ࣾ಺ͷ ίϛϡχέʔγϣϯ ֎෦ͷεςʔΫ ϗϧμʔʹର͢Δ ίϛϡχέʔγϣϯ External Communication Values Value Propositions˞ ˞Value Proposition = ϢʔβʔʹͲͷΑ͏ͳՁ஋Λఏڙ͢Δ͔ ˞Brand Personality = ϢʔβʔͱͲͷΑ͏ͳؔΘΓํΛ͢Δ͔ Brand Personality˞ Design Drivers 20 Culture Book Make Insightful Connections Possible ஌ݟͱɺ௅ઓΛͭͳ͙ɻ Global Excellence ஌ੑ - Sage ৴೦ - Hero ୳ࡧ - Explorer ݖҖ - Ruler Be the Absolute Leader ॳΊ͔ΒੈքΛݟΑ ͏ Think Big, Think Global ҰྲྀͰ͋Δ͜ͱʹͩ͜ΘΔ Commit to Excellence ѹ౗తͳҰ൪ʹͳΔ Open Our Minds ϓϥΠ υ ͸Ϋιͩ Elevate Our Brand ޿ΊΔ౒ྗ͸શһͰ Embrace Accountability ࣗ༝Λ֮ࣗ͠ ͍ͯΔ͔ Advanced Insights Precise Connections Trustworthiness Never Old That`s It! Extra Smooth Collaborate without Boundaries ҧ͍͸ڧ͞ɺڞʹ૑Δ
  11. The tri-colored symbol illustrates a continuum of Insight and Challenge.

    It serves as a representation of VISASQ’s Mission (“Make Insightful Connections Possible”). The three colors used were chosen based on our Brand Personality, each carrying its own symbolic connotation. The distribution ratio of the colors also has significant meanings. “Insightful Connections”ɹ Sage One who seeks reality and truth Hero One who strives to make society a better place Explorer One who carves their own path 21 Culture Book Explorer Hero Sage Challenge Insight Insight Insight Future “Insightful Connections”ɹ We designed the following questions based on our Mission, Vision, and Values, the core of our beloved brand : ・What kind of organization is VISASQ, and what kind of culture does it have? ・What intrinstic value does it provide to its clients and advisors? ・How should it engage with the abovementioned stakeholders? We engaged in numerous interviews and workshops with the executive team, culminating in the derivation of our “ Value Proposition”, “ Brand Personality”, and “ Design Drivers”. Brand Core 22 Culture Book 50% 30% 15% 5% Mission Internal Communication External Communication Values Value Propositions˞ ˞Value Proposition = the value that is provided to users ˞Brand Personality = the approaches taken to engage with users Brand Personality˞ Design Drivers Make Insightful Connections Possible Global Excellence Sage Hero Explorer Ruler Be the Absolute Leader Think Big, Think Global Commit to Excellence Open Our Minds Elevate Our Brand Embrace Accountability Advanced Insights Precise Connections Trustworthiness Never Old That`s It! Extra Smooth Collaborate without Boundaries
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