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VisasQ's Culture Book

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April 01, 2022

VisasQ's Culture Book

This culture book is about VisasQ's vision, mission and values.



April 01, 2022

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  2. We make insightful connections possible between global leaders and people

    with expertise To build a better future through a global platform that reduces barriers and enables the direct exchange of mission-critical knowledge VISASQ CULTURE BOOK ஌ݟͱɺ௅ઓΛͭͳ͙ ࢲͨͪ͸ɺ૊৫ɺੈ୅ɺ஍ҬΛ͸͡Ίͱ͢Δ͋ΒΏΔ োนΛ௒͑ɺ༷ʑͳϛογϣϯͱੈքதͷ஌ݟΛ࠷΋ ޮՌతʹͭͳ͙άϩʔόϧϓϥοτϑΥʔϜΛ૑Γɺ ΑΓྑ͍ະདྷ΁ߩݙ͠·͢ 1
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