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Partners Counseling

Emily Lewis
February 12, 2018

Partners Counseling

Presentation for Owner Summit 2018

If you work with other people, you are a partner. What can you do to ensure partnership challenges and difficult conversations are productive and leave everyone feeling heard and appreciated? Learn ways to communicate and offer feedback, while bolstering respect, trust and camaraderie.

Emily Lewis

February 12, 2018

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  1. To-Dos & Resources • Schedule monthly temperature check • Create

    empathy maps • Book: New Rules for Marriage • Book: Radical Candor • Article: What’s Your Problem? Putting Purpose Back into Your Projects W Strategy 1: Respect & Empathy
  2. To-Dos & Resources • Share information often and freely —

    don’t hide anything • Empower your partner to make decisions — and trust those decisions • Book: Extreme Ownership • Video: Consequences of Ego # Strategy 2: Transparency & Trust
  3. To-Dos & Resources • Seize accountability — own the problems

    so you can solve them • Have a plan for accountability — set yourself up for success • Book: Extreme Ownership • Article: Accountability • Podcast: Professionalism  Strategy 3: Extreme Ownership
  4. To-Dos & Resources • Plan Your Conversations • Adjust Communication

    to Suit Your Partner’s Style • Podcast: Fearless Feedback • Book: Never Split the Difference • Book: Crucial Conversations • Assessment: Discover Your CliftonStrengths - Strategy 4: Nurture Communication
  5. To-Dos & Resources • Outline Non-Negotiable Tasks
 and Responsibilities •

    Take Your Partner’s Values Alongside Yours • Book: The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work  Strategy 5: Flexibility & Compromise