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Design in Enterprise is Difficult in South Africa

October 25, 2017

Design in Enterprise is Difficult in South Africa

Presented at DVT Insights, 25 October 2015.


October 25, 2017

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  1. “We are continuing to spend less money on buying things,

    and more on doing things – and telling the world about it online afterwards, of course.” — Simon Usborne May 13, 2017
  2. Challenges for Design in SA Enterprise “Creative” Talent • HR

    doesn't know who to hire • We have a tiny talent and skills pool • We have nowhere to train and get skills • How much does a designer cost anyway? • Is design a career? Ways of work • Developers want designs. Then they ignore them • How do we design with agile anyway?
  3. Challenges for Design in SA Enterprise Design Leadership • What

    is design leadership? • Who are the design leaders? Organisational Maturity • Do we need design? Why? • How do we do it? • Where in the org does design go? • Marketing is worried about losing their jobs
  4. Challenges for design in SA enterprise Market Organisation • Who

    do we contract / partner with? • Which consultants are the best? Why? Shared Language • What is UX / UI / CX / SD? • What is Design Thinking (design thinking)?
  5. What value does design create in your org? Dev &

    Delivery Organisation Strategy How well do you do it? Look & Feel Functionality Connector Integrator Strategy & Business Model OPTIMISED Our process continuously evolves MANAGED We adapt our process per project DEFINED We have a standard process REPEATABLE We know how to do it AD HOC We used it once Design Value Index by Design Management Institute
  6. A conference about making products with pixels March 12-14, 2018

    Jennifer Brook Dropbox Cennydd Bowles Ex-Twitter Ethan Marcotte RWD