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Table Tennis and Meeting Rooms: How to Get Things Done in a Co-working Space

Table Tennis and Meeting Rooms: How to Get Things Done in a Co-working Space

As working remotely is getting more and more popular, many of us are choosing to work from co-working spaces. But is everyone familiar with co-working etiquette?

In this talk, I have presented some insights on how to be a good co-worker, boost productivity in a co-working environment and nurture the co-working culture.

Franz Vitulli

August 28, 2015

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  1. TABLE TENNIS & MEETING ROOMS #wcnkpg @franzvitulli How to get

    things done in a co-working space
  2. None
  3. None
  4. what is a co-working space?

  5. distributed team members freelancers startups & small businesses

  6. distributed teams are on the rise.

  7. None
  8. None
  9. freelancing is on the rise too.

  10. freelancers in USA 2015: 1 in 3 Americans 2020: 1

    in 2 Americans
  11. startups

  12. the co-working industry is booming.

  13. None
  14. what a co-working space can really do for you

  15. give you a ready office

  16. your survival kit - the basics backpack your weapons of

    choice laptop and smartphone headphones cables & power adaptors
  17. food & snacks sleeping mask toothbrush & toothpaste your survival

    kit - extra stuff
  18. new prospects

  19. networking without networking

  20. games!

  21. meeting rooms

  22. professional development

  23. co-working holidays

  24. the community

  25. so, how do i give back?

  26. organise a meetup

  27. organise a seminar

  28. share the little things in everyday’s life

  29. “how can we be productive in a co-working space?”

  30. “how can we be productive in a co-working space?”

  31. “how can we maximise our experience of the co-working space?”

  32. tack så mycket! @franzvitulli franzvitulli.com