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How Not To Give Appalling User Support

How Not To Give Appalling User Support

More and more developers are using WordPress to build and sell online products (web apps, SaaS, etc.), and providing excellent user support is a skill certainly not to be taken for granted. This presentation features 10 tips and 5 tools I use to provide good user support. [Lightning talk, full presentation available]


Franz Vitulli

March 22, 2015

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  1. How not to give appalling user support @franzvitulli #wcldn

  2. 10 Tips for Good User Support @franzvitulli #wcldn

  3. Master your product Tip 1 @franzvitulli #wcldn

  4. Instructions need to be complete. Use screenshots, numbered lists and

    external links if that helps Tip 2 @franzvitulli #wcldn
  5. Speak the jargon your user is ready to understand Tip

    3 @franzvitulli #wcldn
  6. Get in touch with the user after they signed up

    Tip 4 @franzvitulli #wcldn
  7. Help your users, but don’t forget the goal of your

    product Tip 5 @franzvitulli #wcldn
  8. Call to action Tip 6 @franzvitulli #wcldn

  9. Forget these words & phrases actually you should have if

    you had read the documentation the truth is trust me unfortunately Tip 7 @franzvitulli #wcldn
  10. Don’t be afraid to propose something a bit hacky Tip

    8 @franzvitulli #wcldn
  11. Actively involve your team with user support Tip 9 @franzvitulli

  12. Build a good FAQ or documentation page and keep it

    up-to-date Tip 10 @franzvitulli #wcldn
  13. Tools we use to provide user support @franzvitulli #wcldn

  14. @franzvitulli Customer communication, made easy #wcldn

  15. @franzvitulli Live Chat on Websites #wcldn

  16. @franzvitulli Knowledge base software #wcldn

  17. @franzvitulli Online scheduler for Google Calendar #wcldn

  18. @franzvitulli Measure & improve user experience #wcldn

  19. Thank you. @franzvitulli