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Coming of Age

June 20, 2012

Coming of Age

Coming of Age - a talk about my personal experience and journey from being a student and part time freelancer to a web professional.

FFWD Conference
11 June 2012
Zagreb, Croatia


June 20, 2012

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  1. coming of age FFWD.PRO Zagreb, Croatia 11 June 2012 Julie

    Ng @jng5
  2. None
  3. 2000

  4. not a “real” job?

  5. naïve

  6. #WIN

  7. None
  8. this is a “real” job?

  9. None
  10. that’s not possible...

  11. None
  12. None
  13. What happened? • Misunderstanding of my role • Managers don’t

    value what they can outsource • They value facilitators and communicators • AB Testing
  14. Would i do it again?

  15. No regrets, and • gained a mentor • gained negotiation

    experience • gained more responsibility
  16. AB Testing this vs...

  17. this

  18. DUH!

  19. A Better example...

  20. None
  21. Meet Günther • Old and slow • Not tech savvy

    • Suspicious (data privacy) • Doesn’t want to spend money online
  22. None
  23. Business intelligence • Bounce rates • Click-through rates (banners, links)

    • Time spent on page • User flows • Fallout • Open rates (e-mail)
  24. I am a designer why should I care?

  25. assert with competence

  26. e-mail Core flow Registration Welcome E-Mail 2 days later 3

    days later 5 days later Start your family tree How-to articles Search these databases
  27. Graphic designers don’t make things pretty. Graphic designers solve problems.

    They work with research, they analyze and watch, they test and iterate, they tell stories. They’re not coloring things in. The graphic in graphic designer is not limited or to be taken literally. Mark Boulton “Visual Design is not a Thing” The Manual. Issue II.
  28. problem solvers

  29. be careful...

  30. [Scientism] may help designers gain acceptance in the short term,

    but it ultimately cheapens the most important dimension of their work: the human dimension, including things like judgment, taste, and creativity." Ben Mcallister “The 'Science' of Good Design: A Dangerous Idea.” 14 May 2011 http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2011/05/the-science-of-good-design-a-dangerous-idea/238750/
  31. back to our story...

  32. naïve

  33. GO make something great (with childlike naiveté) Thanks!