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Hybrid Conferences made by Small Teams

Hybrid Conferences made by Small Teams

Yasunobu Kawaguchi

January 06, 2024

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  1. Yasunobu Kawaguchi Twitter: @kawaguti Senior Agile Coach at Agilergo Consulting

    Representative at Scrum Gathering Tokyo Organizing Committee Representative at DevOpsDays Tokyo CEO at YesNoBut Co. Pronunciation: “Yes No But”
  2. Jan 2010 : Jim Coplien let us know the missing

    link : Jeff and Nonaka Dec 2010 : Our first CSM training with Jim Coplien Jan 2011 : Our first CSPO training with Jeff Sutherland and Gabrielle Benefield Jan 2011 : Innovation Sprint conference took place at Rakuten collaboration with Kenji Hiranabe and Peak -1 Early History The first contact with Jeff Sutherland and Prof. Ikujiro Nonaka
  3. XP matsuri Agile Japan Scrum Gathering Tokyo More Advanced Topics

    Expanding Markets Fundamental Knowledges Case Studies Practitioners Newcomers
  4. XP matsuri Agile Japan Scrum Gathering Tokyo More Advanced Topics

    Expanding Markets Practitioners Fundamental Knowledges Newcomers Case Studies
  5. Initiating Scrum Gathering Tokyo 2011, two existing conferences were Agile

    Japan and XP Matsuri. XP Matsuri is a free, volunteer-run conference, primarily targeting young individuals new to agile methodologies. Agile Japan aimed to promote more agile practices in various companies, focusing on gathering case studies and encouraging participation from companies not previously engaged in agile.
  6. Key Insight from RSGT 2013 • Record Attendance: 2013 saw

    the highest number of participants and robust ticket sales. • Unexpected Turn at Evening Party: Despite the daytime success, most attendees left before the evening party. • Lack of "Gathering Feel": Noticed a significant drop in the enthusiasm and engagement among participants. • Realization: Focusing solely on increasing numbers can detract from creating the desired atmosphere. • Turning Point: This moment was a realization that success isn't just about numbers, but about the quality of engagement and community spirit.
  7. “Gathering” https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/edinburgh- sees-the-largest-ever-gathering-of-clan-chiefs-1761486.html “A Scottish clan gathering is a tradition

    where members of a clan come together to celebrate their heritage and traditions. These gatherings are a significant part of Scottish culture and heritage.”
  8. Traditional Celebrations: Japanese festivals, known as "matsuri," are traditional celebrations

    rooted in Shintoism, Buddhism, and local customs. •Processions and Parades: Common features include mikoshi (portable shrines) processions, traditional music, and dance performances. •Food and Stalls: Festivals are known for yatai (food stalls) offering a variety of local street foods and games. “Matsuri” (Festival)
  9. - Annual Event on Fixed Dates - Organized by Local

    Community - Self-Managed and Operated - Emphasis on Fun and Passion - Long-term Sustainability - Supported by Business Communities “Matsuri” (Festival)
  10. Kanda Myojin Shrine Daikoku Matsuri Jan 13-14th This weekend!! 6

    minutes walk from here. https://www.gotokyo.org/en/spot/ev180/index.html
  11. Peripheral to Central: Newcomers start at the periphery of a

    community and move towards the center as they gain knowledge and experience. Legitimate peripheral participation 正統的周辺参加
  12. Legitimate peripheral participation 正統的周辺参加 • Emphasis on Participant and Speaker

    Retention • Prioritizing Staff Experience • Sustainable Involvement for Organizing Committee • Consistency in Venue and Format • Familiar Setting and Timing
  13. Budget System : Cashflow Management Income Expenses Income Expenses Income

    Expenses Earlybird tickets Sponsors Standard tickets Sponsors Standard tickets Last minutes tickets Novelty Goods T-shirts, Banners Venue payments Keynote Budgets Bento Boxes Parties Conference Days 6 months before the conference
  14. COVID-19 • The January 2022 conference achieved a record number

    of participants, with tickets selling out in 30 minutes. • In March, COVID-19 reached Japan, leading to the declaration of a state of emergency in April and the implementation of a lockdown.
  15. Online Fest in Osaka • We move to Online Scrum

    Fest Osaka in June. • Gather 19 tracks from various regional communities across Japan and other conferences.
  16. Virtual Corridor : Discord • We attempted to recreate the

    various casual conversations that occur in hallways using Discord. Discord served as a conduit to each meeting room's Zoom, and text channels were also used for writing responses to each session. Discord
  17. Bidirectional Interaction : Zoom Meeting Webinar • We are using

    Zoom's meeting feature, which allows anyone to speak, instead of the webinar function. • This choice is made to prioritize bidirectional interaction.
  18. Hybrid Gathering in RSGT2021 • For RSGT2021, due to the

    subsiding of the COVID-19 pandemic, we held an in- person event. However, we simultaneously streamed all sessions online via Zoom. • This setup allowed both participants and speakers the flexibility to attend or present either in person or online.
  19. iPad 9th Generation : Center Stage Dynamic Zooming: If other

    people join you in the frame, Center Stage widens the view to include them and adjusts as they move or leave. https://bayashimura.hateblo.jp/entry/2021/12/02/010300
  20. “Lateral Thinking with Withered Technology” Gunpei Yokoi : ex-Nintendo Known

    as the Father of Game Boy Encourages creative and unconventional thinking to repurpose existing technologies in new, innovative ways. 「枯れた技術の水平思考」 by 横井軍平 https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2012/09/ today_would_have_been_gunpei_yokois_71st_ birthday
  21. Shinagawa Agile is a small community that gathers every Wednesday

    night on Discord for casual conversations. Activities include mob programming, exploring broadcasting methods for hybrid events, uploading videos to YouTube, assisting with hybrid event streaming across Japan, and translating the "Scrum Patterns" book. Made by Shinagawa Agile
  22. We will provide a transcription service for some sessions, specifically

    aimed at assisting individuals with hearing impairments. Japanese Transcription
  23. To enhance the online viewing experience, we will continuously broadcast

    radio shows and interviews from the main hall. Additionally, those with online tickets can gather colleagues at their workplace to host simultaneous viewing parties. This should be particularly beneficial for those whose mission is to spread practices within their organization. Better Online Experiences
  24. In an effort to increase our capacity, we have begun

    exploring new venues for hosting. While moving to a hotel conference setting is expected to significantly increase costs, we view accommodating more people comfortably at our gatherings as an important issue and have thus initiated this research. Searching for New Venues