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Open Source in a Lean Environment

Open Source in a Lean Environment

Jöran Vinzens talks about how sipgate handles open source software in lean scrum and kanban teams. What did we learn in the past and what is the goal in the future for maintenance and development?

Lean DUS

June 10, 2015

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  1. open source software in an agile environment

  2. who am I? jöran vinzens system administrator

  3. what is sipgate? phone service provider Private and Business DE

    / UK MVNO
  4. what is sipgate? LEAN SCRUM & KANBAN

  5. what is sipgate? started with Open Source amount raised over

  6. open source? icinga, nagios, cacti, asterisk, kamailio, yate, RTP proxy,

    RTP engine, homer, captureagent, pacemaker, jenkins, ansible, DRBD, nginx, ganeti, qemu / KVM, net-snmp, quagga, puppet, tshark, postfix, squid, vim, sox, linux kernel, apache, firefox, gnome, KDE, freeradius, bind, percona, open LDAP, HA proxy, pound, lighthttpd, bacula, php, python, gcc, cups, perl, openjdk, exim, foreman, git, ecplipse, stun, libre office, imagemagick, lame, mpg123, ruby, redis, memcache, beaver, casperjs, pahntomjs, mongoDB, note.JS, openAFS, openSSH, openVPN, openSSL, samba, syslog-ng, vs-ftpd, spandsp, wireshark, bootstrap, jquery, requireJS, wildfly, elasicsearch, logstash, kibana, iTerm, atom, meteor, virtualBox, vlc, calibre, keepass, observium, as-stats, ntop-ng, osmocomBB, osmoBTS, BIRD etc...
  7. why? pros: security reason financial reason flexibility (own improvements) benefit

    from community
  8. why? pros: security reason financial reason flexibility (own improvements) benefit

    from community cons: no company to blame bugs in software no one cares short release cycles
  9. ~500 systems how to maintain? the question is:

  10. software maintenance security minor major

  11. software maintenance - security fixes operations team using kanban next

    story to be done delay everything else often at night (downtime)
  12. software maintenance – minor release operations team using kanban normal

    story, no delay help from development rollout no downtime
  13. software maintenance – major release temp team of developers Only

    one task to do rollout by temp team or operations team
  14. software maintenance – what can we improve? less manual work

    get faster less failure potential more automatic tests
  15. software maintenance – goal Stable and Up-to-date systems only standard

    code one click deployment continuous delivery
  16. lessons learned asterisk 1.6 to 1.8

  17. lessons learned kamailio no patches

  18. lessons learned puppet and ansible

  19. summary Failing is an option Keep systems up-to-date Automate as

    much as possible
  20. thanks for your attention questions?

  21. hunger@sipgate.de