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TECHPULSE 2019 - LINE Platform API Update

TECHPULSE 2019 - LINE Platform API Update

LINE Platform API Update by Evan Lin @LINE TECHPULSE 2019 https://techpulse.line.me/

LINE Developers Taiwan

December 04, 2019

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  1. None
  2. LINE Platform API Update > Evan Lin / Developer Relations

  3. Release Summary of 2018 LINE Platform API Update 2018 Q4

    Rich Video Message Member join and leave 2018 Q2 LIFF Flex Message Flex Simulator 2018 Q3 Quick Reply Default Rich Menu Flex message features 2018 Q1 Account Link LINE Bot Designer
  4. UX / DX

  5. Approachable

  6. OA 2.0 All accounts will start from $0 with Messaging

    API Free account could has over 80,000 friends No friends Limit Build your own LINE bot from $0 Start from $0 Less restriction Fundamental APIs for all
  7. Flexible

  8. Flex Message Update

  9. Ƃ Flex Simulator Flex Message Simulator

  10. Ƃ Flex Message Simulator [Βeta]

  11. Interactive

  12. Rich Menu Batch API Customize your personal rich men

  13. Get Usage API Get target limit messages / month Get

    number of push messages / day Get number of send messages / month Get number of broadcast messages / day Get number of multicast messages / day Get number of reply messages / day
  14. Get User Interaction Number message displayed Video displayed / URL

  15. Ƃ Get your friends demographics from API. Insight API

  16. LIFF

  17. LIFF Overview > LINE Front-end Framework (LIFF) > Web application

    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript > Integration with LINE platform • Authentication • User profile • Messaging API • JS SDK
  18. In Chat App Game Payment EC LIFF Apps Services

  19. LIFF V2 October 2019

  20. Integrated with LINE Login v2.1 LIFF Supports Modern Browsers

  21. LIFF V1 liff.init( data => { //LIFF App initialization },

    err => { showAlert(err.message); } );
  22. liff.init({ liffId: “{liffId}" }).then(() => { if (!liff.isLoggedIn()) { //Redirect

    to LINE Login liff.login(); return; } //Show User Profile }).catch((err) => { window.alert(err.message); }); LIFF V2
  23. Deeplink HTTPS scheme

  24. Custom scheme Line:// LIFF V1

  25. HTTPS scheme https://liff.line.me LIFF V2

  26. Ƃ Debugging Your LIFF V2 App on Desktop

  27. Path and Query Parameters > https://liff.line.me/{liffId}/path?query=foo > Support OGP

  28. OpenID Connect Integrated with LINE Login v2.1

  29. Bot Link > Integrated with LINE Login v2.1 > Prompts

    users to friend linked bot
  30. New APIs For JavaScript

  31. New APIs liff.isInClient liff.login / liff.logout liff.getLanguage liff.getDecodedIDToken liff.getFriendship liff.isLoggedIn

    LIFF v2 JS SDK
  32. LIFF Playground > Testing API without writing code

  33. > Select friends and groups and share message > Message

    types include images, videos, and flex messages > This API will be available soon liff.shareTargetPicker
  34. Friendly

  35. Ƃ No more sample app Try it online “Try” LINE

  36. Ƃ LINE Developer Document Support Traditional Chinese

  37. Better UX / DX

  38. Release Summary of 2018 - 2019 LINE Platform API Update

    2019 Q4 2019 Q2 2018 H2 2019 Q3 2019 Q1 2018 H1 LIFF v2 LINE Flutter SDK OA 2.0 Insight API Quick Reply Default Rich Menu Video Message Member join event Flex Message Update Document support Chinese and Try Friends statics API Rich menu batch API LINE Unify SDK Account Link LINE Bot Designer LIFF Flex Message Flex Simulator
  39. Thank You for Listening